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  1. Water Method and Inner Smile

    Having practiced both methods as well, I agree whole heartedly with Pietro who gave you very sound and helpful advice. Stand and dissolve. Can you do just that for two weeks ? and then check back in with where you are. In my opinion, the Inner dissolving book is a great reminder once you have experienced the real practice, but right now I suggest you should just work with the breathing exercises. All the best Aaron PS Bruce's material aint cheap but quality never is.
  2. Fire or Water?

    No apologies needed. I am getting into this sharing experiences thing, and this seems like a good place. Yes Bruce's stuff is expensive , but in my opinion worth it. I personally enjoy getting a huge chunk of material, at a seminar, and then spending the next six months to a year working on all the smaller pieces. Or when you can, his senior instructors have a lot to offer as well, those I have worked with have a lot to give and are great at making sure you get the real stuff and not what your imagination wants to give you. If you are interested in the meditation side, Bruce's two meditation books are great. The best thing I have found for me was getting a very smooth, even, long, relaxed breath really just lets everything fall into place (mentally physically,etc). This in turn is a great place to start the meditation stuff as it would give me a home base so to speak when things would get rough. And as always the standing and relaxing and releaseing practice in OEG book is fantastic. Good luck, Aaron
  3. Fire or Water?

    There is a common trap that I have seen many fall into where they use visualizations and apply literal interpretation to a kinesthetic sensation such as the dissolving process. Just another reason why personal instruction is the best way to get started with any of this stuff. Ice to water to gas is not that there is some mystical steam you have created, using heat, rising out and away from you, in the literal or imagined sense, but more of a guide or idea to get you moving in the right direction towards feeling the release of the tissue and all the underlying stuff. Some get the idea from the example of a square inch of table or what ever, when solid, fills only so much space and the molecules have a certain amount of space between them. when moving to liquid those molecules then have more space and experience a bit more movement ,and then to gas, those same parts with enough space would fill the room or more. Again not literal but the idea helps to guide one in the general direction of expansion by releasing. My two cents Aaron
  4. Greeting and Salutations

    Hello, Great forum, I really enjoy most of the topics. A long time lurker and first time poster. I am a student of BK Frantzis and I am starting to offer classes and workshops in the Dallas area. Thanks Aaron