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  1. David Verdesi Foundation

    r.w smith, I don't think this will take you anywhere if david has some chi power, yes so what - is it the first or the only criteria when evaluating the quality of a teacher my only experience and objection with him was the way he handles a money issue with a student - it was about the morality ,and this is something immeasurable
  2. Thanks RFunaki, I wish you the best too.
  3. Following is an image showing my visits to the fake url provided by RFunaki. difficult to believe that all these claims are based on false info and assumptions in the name of clearing david's credibility
  4. RFunaki, Why you are in a hurry to come to any conclusion without even investigating anything. My case is the simplest case to validate - but you still continue to make assumptions and accuse people. please go check foundation forum logs now, I have logged in - if you are online with your Rfunaki user name - send me a message if you want to validate - and stop accusing.
  5. RFunaki, You should stop trying to find some dark intention behind every action. I think you ask why didn't I post more in foundation forum - the account for the paid section was disabled, even it wasn't, what is the point of posting the same message in the foundation forum when you know it will be deleted. I meant by making it public, posting in related forums or some other websites collecting complaints or rip offs. "why you didn't just provide your username" - - just funny. I already told you that I was not and I am still not sure about your sincerity like many other people. I gave you the title of the thread, so you go and ask richard or david to validate whether what I say true or not. You now have the username. But you still insist with this meaningless questions. please go, investigate and come back with some solid info.
  6. why just one post...... RFunaki, your brain is working too much. you should have some rest. but to help you relax; a couple forum members responded, and I answered them. the paid section of the forum account was disabled after I got a pm from richard. I have logged a couple times to free section of the forum, but no attempt to make any more posts, haven't even checked if I can open a new thread or post responses. Let me know if you also need to know why I logged
  7. I have visited the link you have sent several times, even one or two more times a couple of hours later. Either you have problem with your server logs or you are distorting the truth.
  8. RFunaki, I don't know how Ken found it, you now have the info you need. You are not sincere in your approach. Your only concern is to defend david, not to search the truth. You don't have time to contact with a moderator but have enough time to send pms with faked urls. You could easily verify this case if you really wanted. All you have to do was to ask richard, if you can't reach to david.
  9. I don't give you more info, because I don't know who you are, and I don't like the way you try to handle this issue. You sent pm messages with a fake url in it and try to play smart detective role. Why don't you directly ask to the forum moderator if there was a thread with a title "Is David Shen Verdesi trustable?" , and if that has been deleted or not, and who opened the thread, who's forum account has been disabled. This happened just a couple months ago. I am sure, forum mod will definitely remember. Or ask David himself. I have discussed this issue with him. You can easily find what you want if you have any connection with forum mod or david.
  10. Sent another pm. If you have administrative rights to the foundation forum, you could easily find who I am. And please delete my name from "the same person" black list after you found out.
  11. I sent you a pm before reading your posts. If you still have any remaining questions, let me know.
  12. I was a candidate student and have been ripped off by David Verdesi. David Verdesi is not an honest person and lies so easily when it is about money issues. His teachings may have some value. I have taken the Xing Shen Zhuang from someone who was a friend of David, and had practiced it for sometime. if I became a student, I would be probably in same thinking mode like RFunaki. But things went on a different direction, and I have experienced his other face.
  13. David Verdesi

    Scotty, I understand what you say. Nothing is really written on paper and things based on personal trust. Although the reason for not attending to the course was mostly caused by other side, he could still say in the first place - it was non-refundable. But it is clearly promised. Later, he behaved like a salesman, with conflicting messages of because of this, because of that... The main point is how he treats people, is it with love, compassion, understanding and trust, or is it based on using his ego mask for his own advantage. Everyone struggles with his own ego. I do everyday, even every second. I don't expect him to be a perfect person but if someone markets him as a master, expecting a little bit of reliability of his words is not much I think.
  14. David Verdesi

    It is funny - things changes so fast . Last year, I was excited to be a student of David - but now I don't even trust to this man. I have not met with him in person and I don't know about his obsessions for power, sex - but I will second the ramus thought about his obsession for money Last year, I paid half of the course fee, which was 2500 Euro. but I couldn't go to the course due to last minute changes in course program. I let the money stay with him since they said, new courses are coming soon - with the promise that I will be paid back if I need or want it. Now, I can't get the money back - David is hiding behind conflicting reasons to not pay back - and tells me come and use the money for a course although I stated that I need it for an urgent case. I have opened a thread in foundation forum with the title "Is David Shen Verdesi Trustable" - thread has been closed and my forum membership ended. Someone calling himself a teacher, a guide on the path of Tao, should at least have some basic ethical values - like keeping his promises or being reliable to his students. Unfortunately, in my opinion, David seems to lack this basic requirements. I made a mistake - and I recommend anyone choosing him as a master to think not twice but at least ten times before deciding.