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  1. KAP

    I would recommend a PM to Santi or Susan. They are both busy (especially currently) and I can't speak for them but their generosity and hearts are huge. If I thought that I could adequately help, I would. But I am quite certain that my answers and explanations would be similar to the exchanges about electricity on this thread(3bob, I feel for you.) Several months of KAP have greatly changed my life for the better but I am far from ready to try and convey what I have learned.
  2. KAP

    If you were to read the entirety of the thread (good god is up to like 46 pages) you would see that some have had full kundalini awakenings, likening them to a "freight train" running through them among other things. I would not consider what I have had as an "activated kundalini," but maybe more of a cultivated kundalini (not to get into semantics). I have had no freight trains etc. I certainly; however, have had times of extreme bliss and an undeniable connection with the "multiverse" (language doesn't really do it justice). I have substantial kriyas even when I am not consciously practicing. I go out of my way not to define things and to not have goals concerning my practices. I just do. The effects follow. It just is. I always thought I had a big world, a big mind. How wrong I was. I've been reading your thread about your karmic concerns, there are several practices that we do that cleanse karma. Specifically, I have created more muscle tone without changing physical exercise that I have been doing for years. I have always been pretty trim by nature, but since I began KAP I have been gaining weight, and it has all been muscle. I trade electronic futures for a living and also run a remodeling/construction company with an emphasis on historical preservation. I know that everyone has stressful jobs, but it is no secret that day-traders have a propensity to gun down innocent folks. My work in both areas is very stressful. Previously, I had thought that I was at my limit in both professions. I am now considering expanding in each on a large scale. My energy is open and flowing, my mind is alive, I am making better decisions than I have ever made. Just last night, I told a group of old friends that I wouldn't trade places with anyone on earth ... I am that full of bliss, if I try to write more about my gripping connection to everything, or my absolute release of that grip to everything I obviously only end up in contradictions. Also a few more things, a number of relationships that were stressors have literally vanished. And most importantly, my wife is as happy as ever in all of the aspects of our relationship. Are all of these things related to KAP? I cannot categorically confirm that they are. But it would have to be a helluva coincidence for there not to be a relationship. All of a sudden things changed, opened up, etc. Maybe one day there will be a freight train experience, who knows. Even if that never occurred, the expansion of my life in every aspect has been accelerated and made possible, I believe, because of KAP. Feel free to ask any more specifics or PM me.
  3. Being Banned from Taobums

    I'm not the one whining. I'm smiling and laughing, sorry bro.
  4. Being Banned from Taobums

    Oh goodness, sykkelpump, maybe grab a tissue for yourself. If that can't quite wipe your tears away, try a tampon.
  5. The Bhavana Society

    Many thanks, bro. I will check this out, it is very close to me!
  6. acid/LSD question

    I wouldn't say don't do it because it could or will fuck you up permanently (though it might, and it might not be the brain/body chemistry that does it (while we were tripping once, a couple of my friends were playing with a hair dryer and thought it would be cool to immerse it in water to see the effect, luckily someone stepped in and said that was a really, really bad idea)) I would say that if you are going to try and use it for ego death, I have never known that to be an effect. It is remarkable that you don't really seem to take care of yourself in terms of diet, you mention the ADD and the lack of patience. You are certainly not alone there. Acid is not going to help you with any this either. If you need an excuse to do it, any excuse will do. If you want to promote better overall health, increase in natural dmt, and work toward ego death, there are many non-external-chemical viable avenues to choose from. In my experience acid did NOTHING toward achieving my spiritual goals. (Though it was a lot of fun).
  7. Enlightenment is a cultural myth?

    Brother, If your curry is as good as your words of wisdom, I will have to make the trip across the pond to enjoy some of it! Respectfully, if we can't put our finger on exactly what enlightenment is -- in reference to using language to its fullest -- how can you put your finger on what enlightenment is not. Words are simply words, a collection of ancients letters that elicit similar but often different thoughts between us all. And thoughts are just thoughts, neither of which have anything to do with enlightenment, or everything to do with enlightenment -- damn it! Had some panang this weekend that was out of the world!
  8. Enlightenment is a cultural myth?

    I wouldn't deny that there are those that have reached enlightenment. At the same time, since enlightenment isn't the number of buttons on one's shirt, or a magical physical demonstration -- it wouldn't be quantifiable -- its pretty hard for me to imagine the concept of enlightenment. It may or may not be a myth but it is so far away from me, it doesn't really enter into my head. Kind of like someone that just made a cent in the last hour that thinks about making a trillion dollars in the next hour. I just try to be a giving, honest person, take care of myself, and practice some cultivation everyday. To say enlightenment is a myth sounds catchy and all, but in my weak-ass thought, I would say its pretty hard to deny its existence. Everyone has some sort of preconceived idea (that is probably way mistaken) of what enlightenment is, and if you are saying that idea is a myth, then I will whole heartedly agree that our ideas of enlightenment are most likely wrong. BUT, Is Shiva enlightened? Is Shakti enlightened? Of course how can I expect an answer that I can understand, or anyone to give me an answer, if none of us know what enlightenment is, or if it exists. I am sure it goes back to some sort of duality -- enlightenment is absolutely myth as much as it is absolutely real. As long as you have a coin to flip, you can always deny, affirm, not deny, not affirm anything. This is why I just try to breathe right, run a smile through my body, and become a conduit with all that exists ... and all that doesn't. ps. Susan there is so much peace in your posts, they chill me out, thanks! Dave
  9. KAP

    Sorry, Immortal Sis, not really adding anything informative here Biff, now you have pissed me off. I happen to be a big fan of hairless pussies and your comparison is just flat out unfair. You should say you are sorry. Even if I wasn't a fan, all of the hairless pussies are insulted that you have compared them to something closer to a slug (sorry slugs). Dude, I think you really are unstable. First you adopt a new identity to try and escape your either true self or the most recent of a string of identities. When called on it you grovel and beg for someone to remove a link attached to your system. Next, after bashing Santi, and find out that all of your suppositions and chaotic conclusions are wrong, you want to shift your attack to someone else. And you are teaching people? Good god. Thankfully it sounds like only a few. Either get back on your meds or have the nurses take you back to your rubber room.
  10. Hatha yoga magazines

    I'm going to get my wife a subscription to a hatha yoga magazine. What are your favorites? Which ones should I stay away from? Since this is as much for me, haha, I'd be interested in something fairly broad with articles on tantra and kundalini too.
  11. KAP

    I really didn't want to jump back into this, but Santi doesn't teach self control and I had little before my classes. I'm probably just feeding the trolls. The REAL importance behind silatgirl's post is that she, along with sometimes several other students and teachers are present in many classes. Just like my experience in a dojo; there were new students, students that had been there for a little while, and students that had studied for a long time. As you are sitting in the front row, listening, paying attention, and DOING, there are often other seasoned veterans conducting Shakti from the back of the room: just practicing and doing. The effect is substantial. One of the reasons why the Shaktipats are so successful, in my opinion, is because you have so many individuals from all over the world, nearly from every continent, coincidentally accepting and pumping energy in concert. Santi will tell you straight up that he is not responsible for the source of the energy. He, the girls in the back of the room and the many other veterans, are responsible for the delivery. Thanks, Andrea for all the Shakti you have sent to me and to all others with the heart to receive! Dave Backus Extremely skeptical and argumentative, proof-requiring guy, that went into KAP out of curiosity.
  12. KAP

    Drew, please sit in full lotus and concentrate when you post, this is simply miscellaneous ramblings that connect in no way to the previous post. If you can only acquire succinct thought in this method, I want nothing to do with your school. Santiago, Thank you endlessly for your constant and unending generosity to me, your students, those that hop on skype for chat (I know you add many that don't donate!) and above all else, poor children. Kapreview, did you EVER ask for more assistance or mention that you were not feeling anything during class? In all of my classes Santi has been pretty thorough and continually asks,"How do you feel." If you had made statements during the class that you had not felt anything, I would be shocked if Santi didn't set up a private one-on-one with you. To some extent, I can't believe I am posting on this subject again. What a waste of time. I am basically a noobe here too, but I frankly am surprised by the rundown noobes and people that create new accounts to simply denigrate a fantastic service. Thank you again Santi!
  13. KAP

    I respectfully acknowledge your view. With so many positive responses to the KAP program (and I have stated a small fraction of mine) what leads you to believe that your lack of benefit, your "faking an orgasm" has anything to do with KAP, Santi, or Tao? Why are you so convinced that your lack of progress in the KAP system is external as opposed to internal? I hope you feel better now that you have let go of this burden. Best Wishes. I especially appreciate your post because it comes from someone that has actually taken classes and you presented your experiences in a classy and objective manner. Santi, Please show us many feats of strength and glory, spin some straw into gold for us, amaze us with some shiny objects, how 'bout turn some water into wine. Give us a video of you parting the Red Sea, c'mon, you don't have any footage of you, while chariot-borne, slaying monsters with your finger nails? Maybe throw in some video of sexual conquests or sky diving off of Mount Everest. Please run an 8" knife through your chest, pull it from your bloodless body and say, "It didn't even hurt." We need proof of whom you are ... ... not of whom we are ... Sheep follow those that yell the loudest and wave their arms the wildest.
  14. Semen Retention & Modern Day Society

    I love that CowTao! Non, it seems that you argue with and reject those that offer their help and opinions. You always have an excuse for why you are downtrodden and it is often pointed toward women instead of at yourself. And "fucking prostitutes" are living, breathing people that have feelings too. You might think twice before running others down. In fact, that is probably exactly what you need. Go get yourself a prostitute for a night, take her out to dinner, buy her flowers, talk to her about her interests and what drives her, bring a bottle of wine back to the shack, get the candles going, tell her how beautiful she is, get into it and have a damn good time. Just for fun.