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    Hi Fizix, Are u stident of John Chang ? Because i'm one of the student in Mo Pai School. Actually if your Tan Tien in the peak of energy, so it is like a stream of power, the Qi will go anywhere u want, just by thinking of it, the Qi will be exist. It is a marvellous technique and high secret... According to John Chang itself, He learned the supreme technique after his Shifu died, and then teaching him thru Astral Dimension. regards, liong
  2. Hello from Bali

    Hi All, I hope this site will brings so much bliss in exploring Taoism. My name liong from Denpasar, Bali. Last year i've studied Fu Lu Zhou ( Art of Divine Character and Talismans ) from Mao Shan and Zheng Yi sect, also learning Wu Lei Da Fa ( Five Thunder Magi ) form Shen Xiao Bai. If anybody wants to exchange knowledge about this please contact me.