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  1. hello, and female deer exercise

    thank you!
  2. hello, and female deer exercise

    hi there everyone! i have been practicing the female deer exercise for 3 weeks now, and am wanting to connect with other women who are or have done this meditation. it is quite clear that i am changing my hormonal picture, and i am wondering if it is normal to feel a little edgy and "pms-y" at first. i began with 36 rotations x2 a day and have worked up to 60 x2 day using kinesology to guide me as to what is best for me as far as increased rotations. so far the experience has been a positive one, and unlike anything i have ever done before in that it's effect upon me is so immediate - there is a buzzing through my body during the exercise beyond the sexual energy rising up through me that is almost overwhelming. i am very interested to hear the experiences of others who have chosen this as a practice! thank you, d.i.