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  1. There are mixed historical views on this. The Karmapa is an emination of Avalokiteshvara. In his first lifetime as the Karmapa (before that became his name), he learned from Rechungpa and Gampopa. Gampopa said that the Karmapa (with his name before that) was just pretending to be his student so he could hold the lineage, that he had already had a *certain level of attainment (*i do not remember how this level was named or described)(1). Yet there is also a distinct moment in the lifetime of the first Karmapa that he attained enlightenment, whereupon the Dakinis came down and wove him a Black Hat out of their hair (2). I hope i did not unnecessarily confuse a clear historical account. Also, each time a Rinpoche is reincarnated they seek empowerments and transmissions so they can again realize, to "make" the real be real for them. They still have a human body-mind. You seem to understand they would want or need to do practices, which implies an already-imperfect or potentially corruptible body-mind for them, so it is subject to conditions, thus empowerments and transmissions, or teachings, could be useful. Vajrahridaya's point about puberty is good too, i think. Would like to know the source of that. AR (1) A Youtube video (2) The Life of Gampopa 2nd. Edition, Jampa Mackenzie Stewart
  2. I think that quote really clarified your points. Part of my practice is in the Plum Village tradition, and it seems that we allow ourselves to be fully present with the "painful" things and not attached, letting them flow through, with awareness and compassion. Also due to the emphasis on Sangha, we help each other through it, it takes a lot of honesty, and is like group therapy. The language used on this forum is very specific, so I hope my word choice was subtle enough to portray what I was trying to. I liked your post, sun in your eyes. Do you find emptiness this way? or Is your focus not on emptiness?
  3. Two questions

    Hello Tao people, When finishing a meditation in a cross legged position, I'm not sure the best way to move or get up after massaging my face, head, and ears. It seems that if I bend of a little bit or move the wrong way bunch of blockages form in my torso, which then aren't that easy to undo immediately. So what are some good ways of finishing a meditation so as to avoid this. Secondly, what sort of practices are and aren't appropriate for a Full Moon. Is Full Moon meditation only to be avoided by people using Full Lotus, or is it for everyone? Specifically, are practices such as microcosmic orbit, sitting and forgetting, macrocosmic orbit, and general movement qiqong forms okay to practice? Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully respond! Ryan
  4. hello/introduction

    Hello Tao Bums, I have read this forum many times. I have also wanted to make posts here a number of times, but generally didn't because I didn't want to make an introduction post or figured out my question. Anyway, I like to smile, I like to Dao, and I'll post a new thread in the discussion forum. Thanks! Ryan