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  1. could you please elaborate on what toning is? thanks..
  2. thanks for all the replies. im not actually interested in practising semen retention, just wanting to understand further how i can heal completely, although i have made considerable progress so far with acupuncture. and by the way, that Karezze articles was really interesting.
  3. i think retention generally refers to the former. the latter would be abstinence i think.
  4. I read your article Trunk, and found it very interesting. in fact that was how i found this site. I know you say in the article that you arent offering solutions, but do you have any anecdotal evidence of people recovering from things like this? and any advice as to how i could further aid my own recovery? thanks..
  5. any further perspectives would be appreciated...
  6. thanks. yeah im not actually really into qi gong, it was a just a passing interest at the time, although i respect it. i dont want to look like im blaming mantak chia, as i really didnt go deep into the books i had, i just took the idea of retention and thought id give it a shot, without knowledge of what i was doing. . hopefully a full recovery is not far off.
  7. a few years back, in my late teens, i developed an interest in Qi Gong, and subsequently came across Mantak Chias books. as a young man with a raging sex drive i became facinated with the idea of developing special sexual abilities, and without understanding what i was really doing started experimenting with semen retention (while masturbating, i wasnt sexually active at the time.) like i said i had very little experience with qi gong beyond a few exercises my previous kung fu teacher had demonstrated. after a few weeks of forcing myself not to ejaculate (which felt uncomfortable) i realised something had changed. circulation to my genitals was now limited, i was unable to gain an erection just from fantasising, (i also wasnt waking with an erection), and there was very little feeling in my penis. this obviously devastated me and for the next say three years i went to different natural therapists, as well as a urologist (who was incredibly unhelpful), in an attempt to find a solution. during these years i found sex to be strange as i was able to last for up to an hour sometimes, as sensation was very limited. a few months ago i started having acupuncture, and it has helped tremendously. things seem to be getting better and better with each session. erections are now much stronger, there is a lot of sensation, my testicles hang lower and i have even noticed my urination is incredibly strong. on top of that i also feel a lot more relaxed and happy. one thing which i am curious about is: the days following acupuncture my condition improves greatly, and then my bowels seem to loosen up and i need to go the toilet more often than usual. accompanying this the blood flow to my penis seems to lessen, in fact ive even noticed my face turns a lot paler (my skin is usually glowing and very healthy looking in the days immediately following acupuncture.) its not so much that things reverse, (as the 'signal' to my genitals remains) but this 'paleness' seems to come over my body. my practitioner has said that the movement of my bowels and the 'wet' heat sensation i feel moving down my legs sometimes is the result of 'damp heat' being expelled from my body. there seems to be less and less 'damp heat' these days, but the process of my body becoming 'pale' still occurs. also i have noticed that the acupuncture sessions are much more powerful when i have abstained for a week or so beforehand. i'm not really sure i have a specific question, but i thought this forum would be a good place to gain different perspectives on what has happened to me over the last few years. i trust my practioner a lot and am tremendously grateful for the help i have recieved, i'm just curious as to the perspectives others may have. Any thoughts/advice?
  8. hello

    hi ive just registered as i was reading an article on and found this site, and it looks like the right site for me to learn more about taoist practices etc.