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  1. Just stopping by to say hi

    Hi Sifu, I have been away too long
  2. Glenn Morris's Meditation Mastery Series

    Very good point, Hundun...
  3. Glenn Morris's Meditation Mastery Series

    Meditation Mastery is great, but not as great as KAP - can certainly understand finances as an issue - If this is the major obstacle, then I would suggest going for Meditation Mastery, but working towards KAP - the energetic transmissions make all the difference. IMO the difference between meditation mastery and KAP is the difference between a chevy cavalier and a mercedes benz, they both get you where you want to go, but one is much, much faster - If you are not able to work something out with Vajrasattva (Santiago) then keep us updated - I might be able to help in a few months - Best wishes on your journey. PS = Yes, I am one of those who have gotten a tremendous benefit from KAP - Thank you Santi and Susan
  4. Kundalini

    U either got it or you don't - You are either pregnant or you not - Santi called me out and this is how I respond - a word of warning to those who had the same delusions that I did - Kundalini does not make your life easier - it makes your life much harder in my experience - more responsibility etc...I was wrong about kundalini when I first started on the path...
  5. KAP

    I am glad to see and feel Silatgirl's presence here She got the goods and I've had a number of energetic exchanges with her - smiling at Silatgirl -DJS
  6. Salt baths

    Draja Mickaharic has excellent recipes for baths in his book Spiritual Cleansing. You might try one that is composed of sea salt, baking soda and Epsom salt. All three are referred to as salts but have different chemical and energetic properties. Epsom salt, containing magnesium, which will be absorbed through the skin, promotes relaxation of muscles and the central nervous system - most people who eat the standard American diet are magnesium deficient. Use 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt, cup of epsom salt and box of baking soda. Baking soda is a great ingredient for a salt bath all by itself and is very cleansing on an energetic level. You can probably get a small box for 99 cents in your local grocery store - use the whole box in your bath. Also, use your intent when you take the bath and imagine toxins being drawn out and that cleansing is occurring - this will enhance the process. Good luck if you try it out

    If you are around tonight then you should check this out - you will not be disappointed - some folks will have delayed reactions from this as energy works through

    I most strongly disagree with the original post that started this thread! KAP does not suck, in fact it is quite excellent This is hilarious - LMAO
  9. SHAKTIPAT NEW MOON meditation tonight

    This is truly a blessing for all those who attend DJS
  10. sex with entities

    You might want to check out Frater UD - he has a book that has some info related to this. This is not considered to be that uncommon in western hermetic circles. I would advise some caution, as I can feel you are aware of the need for this. I am more familiar with the western magical perspective on this than Taoism etc, but there are different forms of spirit sex with different types of spiritual entities - some are helpful and some are not (some people use this to raise power etc)... This experience is sometimes sought after amongst men who seek to consort with Lilith...I'm not sure the female equivalent. Another word of caution - these spirits can cause intense obsession and sometimes are jealous of other relationships you have and will actively interfere in your life in a way that you might not want over time. Wish you the best... -DJS
  11. The Little Orbit Does the Trick.

    Yes Small orbit can be very helpful Agreed - it is not always the same for all people...
  12. SereneBlue - keep going - you have some sexual hang ups - no worries - keep going - go beyond your feelings - Your ego will want u to back off due to fear of dissolving into emptiness - keep going - u r on the right path...What you are feeling is only dangerous to your ego - but, ego is still important - so no worries if you need to stay with it... Let your body spontaneously go with the flow when you meditate - let the life force "meditate you" - You r developing some energy, but it scares u - keep going, my friend U r doing really well...
  13. Tummo?

    Rawn Clark spent many years working with Franz Bardon's material and if I am not mistaken, did not start putting forth his innovations till after he had a degree of mastery. Another person in the hermetic tradition (Franz Bardon specifically) who is worth checking out is Bill Mistele. When you compare the practices from both of them you will find many similarities to tibetan buddhism, taoism and other traditions. Many ways up the mountain. IMO - its a good idea to start and stick with a decent system till some mastery has been gained - some people may be able to blaze their own way, but most have practiced something before branching off...Lot's of research shows that it takes a good amount of practice time (10,000+hrs) to master something. Bradford Keeney has some interesting material about shamanic practice and he advocates spontaneous movement originated by the life force as the way...But his research indicates that it still takes time, energy and practice to work with the life force - even when it spontaneously moves through you...Who know though, some people (eckart tolle and others) seem to have spontaneously awakened. Another perspective, similar to Brad Keeney is to let shakti guide you...Of course then you could always get into discussions about form and formlessness, shiva and shakti, emptiness vs fullness etc...I am just confusing myself now - hope everyone is having a great night! Enjoy the weekend -Darin
  14. KAP class

    KAP is not for everyone, we each have our own way up the mountain, but it certainly is the right way for some of us...What is right for you may not be right for me - let your heart be your guide...Glad to see that some of the more negative posts are no longer here....