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  1. Ba Gua and Hsing-I of BK Frantzis

    The pricing of this is outrageous. I wouldn't listen to BK Frantzis if he came to my house begging me to have tea.
  2. Too much Hot energy in the Dantian

    it "hurts" three fingers below my navel and in my diaphragm
  3. At first I just read it as mounting anxiety, which I have and I'm dealing with regarding a variety of issues. Upon further investigation however, this energy is more like hot molten lead just sitting in both the top and bottom of my abdomen. I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend a way for me to get this moving. (the phrasing of this question is an open invitation to scatological humor, but this is really an energetic problem!)
  4. Spirit Fighting Training

    I can't believe this is what you spend your time doing. "Spirit Fighting"? Powers? Oh my. Taoism is a way to LIVE in the world, the material world, not hide from it with fantastical thinking. In case no one ever told you, fighting is an athletic endeavor that requires strength, conditioning and will power; the only people who fight ghosts are the ghostbusters. Just sayin'
  5. School For Warriors

    if you pay for something like this, you deserve to get ripped off. Do you really think this guy can tell you something you can't read in a book at the library? Or you don't already know? C'mon man. Stop looking for someone to tell you what to do and make up your own mind.
  6. also if you want to build a communal living situation you might want to choose a location that is mildly inhabitable instead the wasteland that is south dakota. Better off in the south...or the Bahamas. I mean if youre going to get all hippy dippy and withdraw from society you might as well do it right.
  7. Found an old yoga documentary

    That is some seriously backwards fearful shite. Not only are they misinterpreting all of Hinduism and eastern thought, but the Bible as well. Disgusting anti-humanist propaganda.
  8. I mean you're asking whether you should do say 10 sun salutations 2x a day to 10 hindi pushups 6x a day? first off if you're doing hindi pushups you should be doing higher reps to get more benefits something like 25 is a better starting point. Squats too, the more the better. The Sun Salutation is great and I do it, as well as the other calisthenics but it is altogether a different animal. You are not going to get the same kind of strength benefits from a more flowing, whole body and lighter repetition exercise than from a very focused high rep one. You just won't. You're doing more work with push ups and squats so your muscles will respond better. You're best bet is to include all three. Warm up with Sun Salutation, crack out two dozen push ups then blast through fifty squats. You'll notice big improvements.
  9. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    i think you guys are missing the point. it doesn't matter how many humans he used it against, I want to know how many spirits he's vanquished! Only in Los Angeles. Oh, I do MAs to. Started with Shuai Chiao, a little Hsing-I and Tai Chi mixed in, then spent the better part of my twenties training Sub Grappling, Bjj, Boxing, and Muay Thai and competing professionally in MMA. I am flabbergasted that a spirit fighting system even exists. I wish Bukowski had learned it, then he would have been able to fight off the drink!
  10. hi

    hey all, interested in reading your thoughts and opinions, looking forward to posting a few of my own.