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  1. Moving energy

    I guess I forgot to add that as of right now, I am not looking to delve into taoist martial arts. The energy work I am doing is no were near as intense or serious compared to what most of you on these board practice. I am a young adult university student and am in no hurry So far letting what I can describe as hot, denser that seems to be in a rush feeling energy sort of cold boil upwards has made me more over all calm. This more calming feeling also originates from the seam area, it almost replaces the hot energy. Oh I almost forgot to add that I am putting this energy that I'm working on "into use." I am not using it to perfect a martial arts, get stronger or faster; I am using it to help me get a full nights restfulness each night I sleep, to help me get more work done for my university studies without it being stressful, to help me make better connections and bonds with all of my friends since I will be better able to understand and relate to myself and thus to them. I guess you could say my goal is to harmonize my life by first coming into harmony myself. Thank you.
  2. Moving energy

    Hey guys, was wondering if you could help me with this, or give me a few good ideas. I've been working on my chakras latley, i spent about the last 3 months on my root chakra and now I am just starting to work on my sacral. So far a problem I have had is with my sexual urges right now. I am assuming it is because I spent a good deal of time working with my root chakra, and now I'm just starting to work with my sacral it is bringing up a lot of energy to it, and it wants me to pay attention to it . This has hurt me a lot, because like I said I have been having trouble controlling these desires. Spilling my seed so to speak WAY WAY too much. as in daily, and sometimes more then once in a day. And also wayy overdoing it with the misses. How can I cool down the hot feelings that come from there? It is literally a feeling of a "hot" "urge" that just wants "out". I don't just want to send it upward yet because I need some work on my sacral before I start with my solar plexus. So far what I have been doing the past few days which has helped from "spilling my seed" is to almost "cold boil" the energy that is stuck down there, so that feeling of a "hot urge" evaporates upward leaving my awareness and the rest of my concentration still there so I can work with my sacral. any other ideas that involve meditation or other forms of non meditation to help things? cold shower? work out? I'd appreciate it. Also, I wanted to know if this is normal, or maybe a sign that I spent too much time on my root chakra ( although it is my understanding that you really can't "over do" the 1st chakra). When I am in deep meditation and I start to ground myself, I literally feel roots growing out of... my rectum. as in the hole where I poop. When I ground I litterally feel like tree roots are coming out of there and expanding and growing in all directions underneath me. this normal? Thanks guys much appreciation! on a side note, does anyone know how I change my Email address for this account?
  3. How to open Heart Chakra?

    if you havnt already, I would suggest opening the root chakra first, then the sacral and solar plexus before attempting to open your heart chakra too much. I mean, there is nothing wrong with an open heart on it's own, but having the foundation of the three lower chakras will greatly help you deal with the surge of compassion you will be experiancing. Heart is all about compassion and empathy, really. Imagine feeling every pain, lustful desire, and feelings of self hate of people around you day to day without being able to ground and redirect this energy so it doesn't take hold of you(root chakra), not being able to keep these feelings In balance bringing you down with them (sacral), and not having the ability to say no to your new found compassion even when it may be detrimental to you and your health (solar plexus). lol, This would be a great plug for iG don't you think, sean? Steph is all about the heart. Speaking of which I owe a personal review/testimony of this guy's chakra audio meditations and material which have been great for me so far. I would def reccomend steph and his chakra material if your goal is to open the heart and you're not sure where to start. Good luck!
  4. Diaper fetish?

  5. OBE's Who here has had one?

    and how do you do this?
  6. Reptilians?!

    there are so many different theories on these "reptilians" many of which coming from unreliable sources that its very hard to even begin to assert my opinion on all if this. But I will say that I believe there is alot more going on then what is spoon fed to the public on a daily baseis. I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks
  7. Wary about teachers

    for me, "What do you want to achieve" is really just knowing what you are really looking for, that way you can help yourself find it, instead of finding something short of that along the way, and getting distracted by it. Again, for me it is all about my intention. What do I intend to learn, what do I intend to gain, what am I looking for, what is it that I am really seeking? If you can really answer that (which is alot harder then what most would think ) you will be that much closer to really finding it, and I think that is why we are all here, to find what we are looking for.
  8. Where are the real teachers?

    Well, my opinion which is biased towards my personal experiences, as are the opinions of others is that there are no real teachers outside of yourself, only guides. It is up to you to follow your instinct on what you think is genuine, for you, which will lead you to people who are on a similar path that can guide you along the way. You are going to make mistakes, you are going to make the wrong decisions based on your instinct, but I feel this is the only real way to learn. Everyone is still young based on the grand scheme of things, so it is okay to make the wrong decisions as long as your learn what is really genuine for you so that in the future you will make the right decisions. The older you get, the wiser your instinct will be, so do not worry about choosing a teacher thinking that it might not be right for you, if you follow what is genuine, then at that moment in your lifetime no matter how wrong the decision could be, it is actually at that present time the correct one if it is the weight that tips the scales in the right directions for you. When it comes to paying money for lessons, I tend to have a different opinion that what has so far been represented. I am a firm believe in freedom of information for everyone. Unfortunately something that simple is almost impossible because the present powers at be would rather have freedom of disinformation for all since it keeps them in power, and others powerless. Teachers do have to eat, and to eat requires that they do need to have a monetary income come from somewhere, and sure it is reasonable to come from the people who are benefiting from their teachings. So I guess as far as paying for teachings, the fairest approach would be to have a base price that is extremely reasonable that almost anyone could afford it, even the poor, but reasonable enough that if someone truly benefited from their teachings they would donate or give more in some way or another in order to help the person that has helped them an equal amount. I.e. give or do for the teacher something that would be easy to do but something that the teacher could not easily do or get for themselves; give the teacher in some other form or another something that would help the teacher much as the teachings helped the pupal. It should be a mutual exchange.
  9. Could you please explain what the symptoms are of premature awakening from focusing too much attention on the crown? I believe I am in the same predicament, and have only realized this very very recently, but I have been doing my best to balance it out with the rest of my body. I also sent you a private message, so please check your inbox
  10. New to these part

    Hello friends I came across this forum a few days ago, and have been reading most of the active threads. This place seems very friendly, and the members seem to contribute lots of great information for each other. But most of all why I decided to stay here and register is that there is a level of maturity on this forum that is somewhat hard to find now a days on the internet with such young computer users who are often rude, and malicious. I figured I might as well make a "hello thread" since you will be seeing me post quite frequently as I intend to be a fairly active member with much to contribute but even more to learn. I am a young male college student living in the United States. Zasafras.