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  1. What are you listening to?

    Music these days has lost a lot of its meaning There is so much ego involved and its very selfish there seems to be some bands in the west that are searching for something but they rarely get there. Unfortunately that comes down to the way music is also taught in the western schools and so on. I am only talking about the masses here, I know there are some gems out there! The old school/Teachers from the East Mainly Persian,Chinese and Indian are still pure at heart and still authentic in all aspects. I do recommend that you take the time to listen to some music from these regions but its hard to know where to start! Here is a Persian musician who goes by the name Ostad (master) Lotfi he still plays Persian music with deep roots to the ancient classical form and he also brings poetry from Sufi's such as Rumi , Hafez, Attar and Baba Teher. Lotfi on Persian Setar : Lotfi on Persian Tar : Lotfi on Kemancha : All music is improvised from within Chinese music is also music in its most purest form I cant keep my ears away from listening to the Guqin mostly! There are many other beautiful Chinese instruments but the Guqin is somewhat possibly the base of Chinese music Here are some wonderful clips : Indian! Indian music is also wonderful and has the same principles behind it The Sitar is most famous but its not the base of Indian music the Rudra Vina, Saraswati Veena and the Vichitra Veena! These Three Gems of India are very Special and Please do take the time to find out about them This is Actually a Small Documentary on The Rudra Vina : Saraswati Veena: Very Special! Vichitra Veena: It kind of sounds like the Guqin! I Hope some of these links are helpful and help your Cultivation I am most inspired by all of them but Persian music is held most close to me! Joel
  2. ~Hello~from~Melbourne~Australia~

    Hello Stigweard! Thanks for your kind words! I am pretty sure you saw Ostad Zolfonoon! He was in the country recently! I am glad you saw such a thing! The topics have been very helpful! I am exited I think some of the Queensland rain is coming this way finally! or maybe its the Equinox! Thank you again! Matt!! Im well and you??? For sure! Please do let me know If you come this way that would be great! I have a lot of free time at the moment! Hope all is well! Thank you sahaj! I am very happy to find such a place! Joel
  3. Hello everyone, Wow! What a great Forum! My name is Joel and Im based in Melbourne Australia at the moment I have been reading over for a few days and am very pleased I have to say my knowing of the Tao is not deep and I know that here is a good place to start! I am a musician I study classical Persian music I play the Setar which is different to the indian Sitar its about 1000 years older and I also play the Tar and Tanbur. True persian music in its purest form comes from the Darvishes which a lot of people call sufi's. Their music to me and the way its played reminds me of The way a taoist plays the guqin or erhu or any other Chinese instrument! I am in love with these two forms of music as they are to me the purest form and help me as a person carve away the access! ~joel~