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  1. KAP

    The guy doesn't sleep much, I've pulled all nighters helping my girl study before and santis still online posting on facebook.....And whos to say what I was going through wasn't a crisis? I didn't go into much detail about what I was happening to me as some was personal....Also I talked to him a few days after and confirmed with him what was going on and once he said it was him I remembered what the shaktipats felt like since he's given them to me during skype chats before. Bottom line we all can talk till we're blue in the face and that wont get us anywhere if you wanna find out check him out for yourself . Classes are cheap it's like $30 a class... Martial arts classes and yoga classes in my city I've seen cost double that...So it's quite affordable, I'm still laid off (been a year) and my EI cut out and I can still afford classes so that should say something... Last post in this thread just wanted to chime in with my story hope everyone gets the answers their looking for and you'll never know until you see for yourself. One of my martial arts teachers does that, he's been all over training with the "best" martial artists if he finds someone who kicks ass then good if he finds someone who sucks then good least he knows the truth...
  2. KAP

    Just wanted to pipe in and vouch for Santi's abilities and kindness. I had a problem with leaking energy and few other concerns I let him know via Facebook and he asked me to give him a call so we can chat. Called him up let him know what's troubling me, he then scanned me gave me a quick healing and list of things to carry out until I was feeling better. After that day he sent me healing everyday for like 2 weeks and sent some shaktipat one night which scared the crap outta me haha. It was 1am and I was sleeping and dreaming and in my dream I stopped what I was doing since I didn't feel right right away I woke up and felt like I was getting electrocuted although not painful but something was definitely going on. I actually thought it was some entity stealing my energy since I could feel certain sections of my body which corresponded with each chakra getting this same feeling, this went on from 1am to I think 7am. Seriously how many people do you know that would get up at 3am their time and send energy for 6 hours straight to a complete stranger and ask nothing in return for it? Although I do try to donate whenever him and susan hold shaktipats since their taking time away from themselves and their family's in order to help others out. If your thinking about taking kap do it but remember if your having trouble with something just ask even if you think it's stupid because he isn't there to read your mind about all of your concerns you gotta speak up let him know the problem and he'll be more than happy to help out anyway he can least that's my experience. And another thing everyone has been brought up differently and in different regions so we all have different ways of talking. For me I can go up to my friends and say hey f*ck face whats up? to us that's a friendly greeting now if I were to say that to someone else I don't know in person they'd more than likely shit bricks over it and think I'm being a dick. Hard to talk about things online since we have no idea how the other persons mood is when posting or what their tone is so if we're pissed off at something having a bad day and we read a post from another member we can sometimes mistake what their saying as being rude etc. When me and my girl argue she tends to be sarcastic so when I'm speaking calm to her online she tends to think I'm doing the same thing to her when I'm not If you know Santi then you know he's a happy guy, the dudes always laughing bought something in skype class:) Sorry if this post was repeating things others have said or me repeating myself I honestly only read a few posts in the beginning of this thread and wanted to chime in.
  3. Bao Ding Balls

    I used them alot few months back but honestly never really felt much from them and just found it better use of my time to just massage each hand and fingers for 10 mins or so. As for meditative aspect of it listening to the chimes was relaxing but I prefer to just put on some relaxing tunes and meditate that way.
  4. multi vitamins

    Here are some good ones: GNC Ultra Mega Green Garden of Life's Living Multi Nature's Plus - Source of Life New Roots - Multi-Max Platnium Naturals - Active EasyMulti Plus Nu-Life - Ultimate One for Men I take the brand NOW Adam superior mens multi and running outta it but may switch to something else not sure yet. I also take Greens+ Bone Formula, trophic krill oil, and few other things for my heart.
  5. Kap stuff tonight on Skype + Shaktipat

    Will try that for next workout thanks
  6. Kap stuff tonight on Skype + Shaktipat

    Was hoping my lifting wouldn't be a problem, I lift heavy 2-3 times a week. Been trying to relax and did manage to get an hour of 5pb and some tummo practice in the afternoon, think I'll focus on rooting for most of the night since I've been feeling quite flaky lately. Thanks for the info Santi
  7. Kap stuff tonight on Skype + Shaktipat

    Wasn't feeling much for last nights session but think that's probably due to a hard strength workout I did few hours before so I was quite exhausted already and me thinking too much about feeling anything just got me crazy frustrated which got worse and worse as the meditation went on. But looked like everyone was having a good time so that's great I'm not too energetically sensitive I think so more work needs to be done I'll just chill and keep breathing till that happens.
  8. The purpose of Full Lotus?

    How to get into Padmasana
  9. Water style boxing

    Very interesting style. My great grandfather was actually Chen Yik Yan, never met the guy as he died before I was born. It would have been awesome though Only stories I have of him are is when my mom would goto his house for afternoon tea and she would see some of his more senior students in the backyard training. Few doing forms, others body conditioning, breaking coconuts with palm slaps, and they would hold their bodies horizontally on a steel pole that was in the ground (looks like a human flag). Every so often he would take some of his students to Thailand to fight and they'd always bring back trophy's.
  10. Medicated Wine

    I used to make a recovery formula that also boosts stamina but if I recall correctly I didn't notice much of a difference probably because i didn't take it regularly though. Now I just stick with good quality ginseng and some hard liquor soak that for few months shaking every so often. I also have about 14 liters left of some good dit da jow I made for me and my training partners few years back have that sitting in my closet
  11. The power of Internal Martial Arts

    I've been hit by internal guys before (not fun at all lol) and I also used to practice iron palm for maybe bout half a year and got very very good results Got to the point where I'd be maybe about 2 inches away and could give myself or others a light slap and have them collapse experiencing great pain (I was young at the time and wanted to test it out thinking back not such a nice thing to do to someone lol). Slap was pretty much like brushing dirt off your arm or pant leg so not much force behind that. Like I said before I love internal martial arts I got mad respect for them I just think maybe some training methods could be possibly updated or tweaked Same goes to some traditional external styles. Maybe then we'd see more great fighters emerge. Wouldn't that be something if a tai chi stylist entered the ufc and became champ? I'd certainly love to see that! I forgot to add in my previous post that all external guys should go and check out internal schools too! very good experience to be had. Also the argument some people put forth on competitions like king of the cage, ufc, pride etc aren't real fights since they have rules and all and if they entered and were allowed to use their eye gouges and nut kicks they'd be champ. Well sure kicking someone in the nuts will drop most people but do you really need to spend cash and put int he time to learn to fight and do different applications if all your going to do is kick someone in the nutters? Why not take soccer and learn to kick a ball super far after a month of practicing that I'm sure you'll be able to blast their nuts into their head! haha. For me I'd rather have a strong foundation, strong base, good ability to generate power from any distance and angle and be able to deliver it into my opponent be it a punch or kick and be able to knock them down with a body punch, then once that is accomplished then you can add in nut kicks, pressure points, various other things. But if you rely all all of those right from the start then your not gaining much ability and you place too much confidence that those will drop people and end the fight. I was in an altercation before when I was studying twc and thought along those lines, well this huge guy came toward me so I thought hey nice hard shot to the nuts will stop him !! yeah I wailed him in the nuts with a good front kick and the guy kept coming managed to get me to the ground and wrestle around with me. He caught me off gaurd and by the time my brain was finished trying to figure out why he didn't fall to the ground that's when I was uprooted. In the heat of the moment you will mess up, your adrenaline is flowing like crazy, no matter how much you train for situations like that your not going to be as smooth and relaxed as you think you are. Yes I see that problem in traditional schools everyone is trying to look like the instructor and move like them, quality control is just not in place no one explains things because they themselves do not know. Just like my old twc school everyone was pushed to grade every few months and unfortunately alot of wing chun out there isn't taught correctly. My old school no one knew what fook sau was used for... Everyone was concerned with how do you defend against this punch or that punch?!?! what about this situation sifu?? They get away with saying the type of wing chun their teaching is a concept based art just because they use the tan sau against 5 diff types of attacks. Why not break it down into what it really is? All the "blocks" should be hitting you shouldn't be seeing what the shape of the hand is and not because your hitting fast. It's basically just counter punching A very difficult skill to learn and put into practice so it is much easier for them to just give students different applications to work on instead of spending the time and actually showing them what its all really about People in this day and age want results fast and if your trying to run a business you gotta give what the people want. Also maybe since internal styles aren't so much mainstream teachers can easily get away with saying oh yeah I know the martial applications to all this its easy then just bs their way through it all Where as the external styles pressure test their stuff so right away you know if it works or doesn't work so it's harder to bs your way through that. Sorry for all the blabbering everyone edited because I pressed post too soon.
  12. Beginning QiGong - Best books for exercises?

    Qigong empowerment by Master Shou-Yu Liang has quite a few practices you can do. Also the way of energy by Master Lam Kam-Chuen very easy basically just standing in place and positioning your arms in a certain manner with deep belly breathing. You'll get results in your first session or at least after a week
  13. The power of Internal Martial Arts

    I think both have their place. Internal guys I've met can hit hella hard but have a hard time applying it in a sparing situation even just light sparing, their just not use to being pressured by someone genuinely trying to take their heads off. One of my buddy's who trains wing chun with me (wsl style) is also taking muay thai, right from the start he was shown proper punching technique and how to generate power, then goto the heavy bag hit it as hard as you can utilizing proper technique, pad work which the focus was on speed and accuracy(working combos) and finally light sparring this was all in his first class and for the past month has been working on this. What he is developing right away is the attributes that are useful for a fighter, power, speed, timing, and strategy. Also the way they punch is different than what I thought. Before I thought any type of punch or kick they were using alot of muscle power but it turns out they punch the same as us although different mechanics/look of punch they use ground power along with very relaxed strikes which in turn make them fast. Same as how we punch we use power from the ground up transfer it through our legs/core and keeping elbows and shoulders down we strike very relaxed which results in a very powerful strike that penetrates very deep. Where as internal martial artists I've talked to their training mostly consists of learning the form for the first few months along with some push hands and maybe some applications and that's about it. I'm not saying one is better than the other for fighting but in external styles right off the bat your learning all these attributes necessary to become a good fighter. While I was studying traditional wing chun at my old school it was similar training I'm guessing to some internal artists. Practice form, ok lets work on application person A throws an attack and waits for person B to counter and doesn't provide much resistance back then ok finished. We all walked around like we were bad asses specially when we could "defend" against combo attacks sure we did conditioning classes worked on strength did pad work and even did 2vs 1 situations and we were all told that is all that we'd need to become great fighters and we'd be able to defeat everyone wasn't until I got a chance to spar against a real boxer that I realized I had to change my training methods. His 1 month of boxing kicked the crap outta my close to 6 years wing chun Is that to say traditional wing chun sucks and boxing is better? No, personally I think that style of wing chun is great its just the training methods that are lacking as alot of traditional martial arts both internal and external (just a wild guess). Although style of wing chun I'm learning now I will say is far superior to the wing chun I was learning back then (just my experience) Unless your genuinely feeding your partner real power and attacks that if he/she didn't block would knock them right the F out then what good are you doing to help them along their martial arts journey? If your giving half assed attacks and their defending it no prob sure you give them confidence but when shit hits the fan it could end up costing them their life Be honest with yourself, your partner and your training methods. Whats the harm with after class just sparring lightly with good control? or sparring with someone from another style in a friendly manner? Everyone's experience is different, just like Josh Youngs post he stated alot of fights he has seen usually start off with shoving and turn into wrestling matches. Same with me alot of fights I've seen it's either 2 guys squaring off screaming insults and waiting for the other person to attack, shoving, clinching. or sucker punches. I've seen a bunch of fights where both guys knew how to move and generate power and I've also seen fights where 2 guys are scared shitless and have no clue. Which reminds me of one fight I saw between 2 high school kids long ago hahaha both guys were bout 6 feet apart and jumping 2 feet into the air, both were throwing punches in the air and ducking each others attacks from 6 feet away... oh boy but it seemed to impress all the young teeny bopper girls that were there so guess it wasn't a total loss for them lol. Also alot of people seem to throw around the argument oh you wanna see a real internal martial artist well go see this guy he'll kill you!! What good is it if 1 teacher outta several hundred can kick some ass but none of his students can accomplish what he can do? Even if the teacher only has a few students outta say 30 who can accomplish what he can do. Personally I'd wanna find someone who has mad skills AND is able to pass along all that knowledge to ALL their students in a short period of time. Why spend 20+ years of your life learning to fight? If you live in a bad neighborhood where there's a damn good chance your going to get jumped while walking home wouldn't you want to learn something that is very effective and learned in a short period of time? The wing chun I study now I consider it internal compared to the TWC I studied before. We work on proper grounding, generating maximum force in a relaxed manner, angles of attack, and we also do throw in pad work, spar every so often, but most importantly every drill we do we feed our partners real power and intent. Strengthens our partners skill set as well teaches the attacker to well attack If you stick with internal styles or external styles whatever floats your boat I think that is great but please just sit down and take a look at the way you train and be honest with yourself. If you feel confident that your training methods are sound and are confident in your skill just try going to a MMA gym or boxing gym and ask one of the trainers if you could spar with them after class just in a friendly manner, alot of them are very open to this they love to see how other artists move and love to try to adapt other arts and concepts into what their doing it benefits everyone. Just like the video I posted a few pages back a tai chi guy gave a seminar at a MMA gym and I believe he's been invited back several times too so don't be afraid to make some more friends. It can also give you an ah-ha moment. Maybe something they do will give you greater insight in a move or strategy that you do or it'll help you to see holes in your technique. You could also take the stealth route, goto a gym and say you wanna sign up for classes but would like to take a few free classes first then when you spar if you get a chance to bust out some of your styles techniques and see how it affects them. And lastly it honestly doesn't matter what you study because in all likelihood I'd say 98% of the people on this forum or on others are not going to be getting into fights in their lifetime. Just find it kinda funny sometimes people are so focused on learning "killing" techniques but don't seem to make the connection their never going to get into a fight to use it and if they do have an opportunity to use it is it really worth it to kill someone over a stupid argument?? Sorry if any part of my post offended anyone it was not meant to and again I'll state I love all styles of martial arts, everyone has something to offer just gotta keep your eyes and ears open.
  14. recent meditation & brain study

    Thanks for posting that Just last night was trying to find articles to show to my girl on how meditation changes your mind. I'll pass this along for her to read