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  1. MeditationExpert v HealingTao

    Gettinng results is the only thing that should truly matter in any cultivation school. One thing people have not spoke about much on the board is the results they have gotten or experiences they have had with the different practices. One great thing about Bodri's work is that he outlines for you the experiences you will have if you cultivate correctly and if you are not having these experiences then you are not getting anywhere.Funny thing though once i started having the experiences with chi melting my body, travelling up my spine, and flooding my brain leaving me in extasy that I could take through the day with me I went loony. Go figure Karma. I also had some experiences following Winn's methods but, I feel they are what Bodri talks about as a blind cat bumping into a dead rat. Its all good but if empty mind leads to chi cultivation how is that Buddhist, Taoist, or Maoist. Good luck to all. Jeremy
  2. It is definitely not as good idea to send around or duplicate Bodri's stuff. I know because I did it and he knew. I sent out a bunch of copies of White Fat Cow only because the book said to. Soon after that I received emails from him with a copy of the disclaimer statiing you could only send it to one person. So he will know is what I am saying. I had to write an e-mail of apology during which my body weighed a ton and I felt like i was not even writing it. So from my experience it would be best to repect his wishes. All the best. Jeremy
  3. Falun Gong

    Also the fact that he states not to use any other methods kind of set off an alarm for me. I have gotten through one and a half of the books. As for me latley I have been sticking to zazen and pranayama with all kinds of ups and downs as a result. Thanks again. Jeremy
  4. Falun Gong

    Thanks for the reply. What about the literature did you find cultish? I have just been looking it over and it talks about how it is different from all other schools of cultivation, the wheel and all that jazz. Thanks again, Jeremy.
  5. Falun Gong

    Has anybody looked into these practices, this organization, or know anyone who has? Just by feeling the energy of some people who were handing out some flyers makes me want to check it out. Must be something to it. Many thanks. Jeremy