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  1. The "monsters or worms" bit. Hmmm sounds interesting to look into. That's what I'm looking for I think. I'm aware of the different forms of energy, but how they are interpreted and described provides overall insight. I think I didn't articulate very well what I was inquiring about - so thanks for the specific answer to a lead of the direction I am curious about!!!! Maybe it's because I have "bad" energy in my brain Better get busy to taking out the monsters
  2. an old grandmaster told me that a woman i know has bad energy in some of her body cavities. i've heard about "Lords" of individual organs; are there non-physical things that are usually and generally in one's body cavities too? I mean habitaully, normally, regularly, etc. (Sure any kind of negative energy can be located anywhere, so here i'm wondering if there is a known and typical theme that is known about body cavity problems!) Hope it's not too weird of a question! (?) eva
  3. Hi - i signed up really due to one question i couldn't find an answer for anywhere else. happy to have found it and looking forward to following all kinds of discussions besides! eva