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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I'm not sure I want to go more than a month with retention. First, I'm thinking that there is something very natural and mystical about ejaculation, especially with my wife. I really enjoy it. So, less frequent isn't really on my radar. But... I think you're right about the water and tension easing things. I'm big into biking. It's a really good exercise for me especially because it gets me in nature, the motion and the exercise of thighs and butt do a lot for the inner man. I'm thinking the mixed messages might be right on, too since I do a lot of changing and experimenting. I'm probably just out of sync the last couple of years. Major international moves half-way around the world, cultural changes, and professional changes. I'm just messed up from all that as well. Hey Coyote, It's possible. My diet... hmm... lots of vegetables, small amounts of red meat, lots of poultry, moderate carbs, 3-4 cups of coffee a day and one or less alcoholic beverages a day. I'm starting the fish oil again per Yoda and Witche's advice. I'd done that and flax seed in the past mostly for cholesterol lowering, but it really didn't do anything. Probably good for overall health, though. I fell over laughing, though at your comment "increase hormones and libido". Gosh, Coyote, if my libido increases any more than it is now, I'll be a wreck! I like the constant hot feeling inside, the longing after my wife and frequent (though sometimes annoying) erections. But shoot, enough is enough! Stay cool, Coyote!
  2. Thanks, Mantis. I've been reading around here on the diet. My gosh, you can read quite awhile. I'm thinking there might be something here to help me. I wouldn't mind an increase in libido, though I really don't need it. I'm enjoying the orgasms, but I suppose this can diversify as well? Regarding the guilt, I really think that I'm beyond that. I'm able to talk with friends and be really open with my wife. I don't hide anything any more. It's mostly a closed chapter.
  3. Hi Mantis, I did cold-water salmon oil for awhile. Actually, that was to lower cholesterol, but I hear it's good for a lot of stuff. Is the DHA, a supplement in itself, or do you just do fish oil? And... what about the diet? How do I learn about it before I decide if I'm up to the guinea pig stuff? The negative emotions? I would say five years ago they'd be there -- religious guilt connected with masturbation. I've come a long way and sexuality and spirituality are pretty close to one-another, now. Let me know what "the diet" entails. I'm interested. Thanks, Mantis!!
  4. OK, so what is DHA, and is it a depletion thing or what? I've tried 5HTP and that seemed to give me a general overall sense of clarity, but didn't do much for the post ejaculation depression. However, you have hit on something that I have noticed over time. That is that the depression is more severe when I've ejaculated with masturbation. Particularly in the morning. That is why I seldom do it. I save it for intercourse. Interesting comment that my energy is returned at a higher level. What more can you say about that? I've observed a consistent exchange of something. And it always centers our relationship. If we're drifting, long intercourse always, always returns us -- aligns us. Really really cool.
  5. Hey Mantis, Granted, I'm far more sexually active than before retaining semen. Just the ability to "keep going and going and going and going" makes me more sexually energetic. And, the fact that I'm so fulfilled in so many areas, it's just motivating. But... I wouldn't say I'm "high". The reason I say that is that the depression is *so* low. Absolute despondency. Almost non-functional. What do you think? Sunshine!! Interesting idea. "psychological guilt-issue being bound to the act of ejaculation..." I'd thought of that, too. And... maybe at first that might have been true. But I've not hated ejaculation. In fact a few days ago, the wife was at that time of the month, and so I planned to try ejaculating once a day, just to experiment and to enjoy the cum. Result? I never got past the first day. I actually enjoy ejaculation. I'm not locked into anything. It's just this crazy depression. thanks, Sunshine!!
  6. Hey Yoda, Now there's some interesting thinking. Kind of getting in sync with creation -- I like it. Thanks for the idea. I'd hate to go back to the same old - same old. I've found more sexual freedom, fulfillment and energy than ever before. It affects every part of my life -- marriage, spiritual, creative, self-image. But in sync. I like it. Thanks, Yoda!! Any other ideas, you all? Anybody experiencing this?
  7. Have you any experience with this? I've retained my semen for the last couple of years on a two-week to a month basis. My first motivation was to enable multiple orgasms which morphed then to changing our sexual relationship and lives away from event-based to more of a condition. Retaining semen has done that. There's no end to sex if there's no ejaculation event. Sex becomes something more than start to finish. We've found a oneness that married people often look for. If there's no event, a sexual relationship and all of it's energy and dynamic takes on a life of it's own. It's done that for us. Anyway, I masturbate at least once or twice a day with or without orgasms. I circulate the sexual energy. I find masturbation without ejaculation to be relaxing, energizing, centering and it gives me a great libido. I have intercourse three to five times a week usually with pretty intense orgasms. I retain my semen and ejaculate only every two weeks or thereabouts and occasionally up to a month. My body seems to tell me when it's time. Here's the problem: If I ejaculate in the morning, I go into pretty deep depression -- absolute despair -- for that whole day and often the next. I'm incredibly lethargic with really clouded thinking. If I ejaculate at night, I wake up with a killer headache and am deeply depressed all the next day. It seems I can't win. I think ejaculation is important, though not every time I masturbate or have intercourse. I'm getting to the point now, though that I'm afraid to cum because of what I know will follow. If I wait past the point when my body is telling me that it's time, I get pretty uncomfortable and frustrated. So, I cum and bang, I'm in the pit. So... Anyone with such an experience? Ever heard of such a thing? Am I doing something wrong, or is there something I've not thought of? Thanks so much for your comments!
  8. Hello All

    Hi I'm Pony, I've read a few posts and waited a bit before I decided to register. Too many forums, you know. My interest is taoism and how it's influenced religious and especially spiritual thought. I've found that as I gain more and more insight into taoism, it makes my spirituality more and more relevant. I guess mostly it's influenced my perspective. Where it really comes out in my life is decision-making, time, priority, relationships, and sexuality. I'll enjoy some conversation.