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  1. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    Well let's see, I've been training all my life. Started with the grappling arts, Juijitsu, Judo, and Wrestling when I was a kid. Dad began teaching me the family art when I got to a respectable age, and I added Northern Praying Mantis and Kempo to the works when I was in the AF. I also practice and teach Wu style Tai Chi to balance out the hardness of the other stuff. I've taken what my dad showd me and re-created a style I call, Ninpo Chuan Fa with all the other elements involved. I became interested in energy work when I began experiancing the strange effect of students passing out on me when we would practice together. So, I began research and laid off the kiddies for awhile to find out what I was doing. Years passed and I sort of figured out that I realy don't know that much... I've got some students around the world that visit occasionaly to keep in in practice and I teach in the local school system. After all we're all a little Ninja at heart... Peace and Balance, John
  2. Howdy

    Hi all, Good to be here. Welcome the Big nothing that is everything, the Tao. Through which all things are possible from a multitude of practice. I meditate therefore I am. Peace and Balance, John