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  1. Why Taoism is different

    Looking for differences is going to be a journey of opinions. IMO what makes Taoism different is..... A buddist steps in dogshit and sighs a lives long suffering sigh An alchemist steps in dogshit and at tries to incorparate it into the great work A scientist steps in dogshit and wonders what dodshit is, where/why/when it comes from and what use has it A xtian steps in dogshit and pukes at the disgustingness of it A witch steps in dogshit and casts a spell to stop it happening again A doaist steps in dogshit and smiles to himself knowing he can clean his shoe. Daoists do not need to be told what is right and what is wrong, what is suffering and not suffering, to live longer or not. as long as they are true to their root/innate nature/center, they are walking at one with the Tao. I like the story of the master who begins to explain the Tao to his student only for the student to fall asleep, the master laughs at his own foolishness or the students greater understanding, i cant remember which, i only use it to hopefully illustrate my point above.. This is the difference as i see it and i know its simplistic, but i'm a simple sort of spitball.
  2. hello from a newbie

    Thanks, fun is fun and live is life, the taichi of the drunken old clown Ah Choo, jester to the 3 supreme ones.
  3. History and Practice of Taoism - Links -

    All of the above links seem to be out of date now
  4. hello from a newbie

    Hello from a newbie. I've been meaning to join here for a while but just could not get round to it before. Chosen the user name spitball cos its descriptive of something seemingly usless, is unlikley to be transformed into something its not and its hard not to misspell(although i can do that as well)