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  1. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    I get told same thing as bouncer.. I don't give them chance and I don't want any camera or cops. Anyone videos us bouncing, we take away both cameras/cell phones, erase pictures videos and return camera and phone. real or fake? u3PzJoAZIwI real or fake? YPeZtjmd2HM Someone from this board go visit them? I fight as bouncer and get paid. Sometime I bust them up bad. I'm not challenging peaceful customers. I stop trouble to good customers. Owner wants all be peaceful, for more good customers who don't fight. No make trouble for people on this board! I have enought fighting at work. I don't care video above real or fake. I only care when I'm in streets, what happens in the streets. Good people I no make trouble and no make fight!
  2. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    I have many years experience as a mixed martial artist. Recently I focused my studies in Iron Shirt Chi Gung. The advantages is knowing the best of kung fu, karate, jujitsu, muay thai and boxing to attack and defend. When I developed my Iron Shirt Chi, I can do same demos on video YouTube. I can handle full blasted hits and kicks and it has no effect on me. I am not saying I'm the best in MMA. I can handle any street fighters. I worked as a bouncer and bodyguard, very easy work for me. I hear what you say. What can your art do for someone like me? How do you guard from my kicks, hits and Iron shirt chi gung? How does your attacks pass through my Iron Shirt Chi? I am not trying to make challenges. I ask you questions to understand.
  3. Hi from IronmanII

    I wanted 'Ironman' name. Someone else has that name I am IronmanII. Hello to all you good people.