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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    Yoda, will try my best!! Just coz U asked
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    Good luck and God bless your Home .. Nah-moh Kwahn Shee Yin Poo Sah
  3. Lama Dorje

    Assumptions, assumptions, judgments and more assumptions.. Don't you forget that Max and gang set up their shop on the basis of this - Drama. And while you speak of dissing drama, have contributed more than anyone to it assumption from St. Cameron who knows it all - Kunlun leads one to enlightenment. And that pretty much is the basis for the sermon that follows. It has been proved time n again how good you're at sticking to your words. So, I will let the choose not to talk statement pass. They are out there to make bucks. What's this nonsense about their concern for the enlightenment of people and shit? They will refuse no one, except when it affects their business. Like Jenny said, Max knows to make buck out of every tai chi move. So? The others, who you dismiss as minority, should stop talking and take your bashing? But you still had to run to Jenny! Rest your bum, Mr. old Tao Bum. I wonder if they stopped teaching how to talk to a lady in school, assuming you went to one ... You don't seem to be much enlightened? Another assumption: kunlun=direct path to enlightenment. Nope, does not suit his business model.
  4. Lama Dorje

    Lose weight... who should? Not kidding Talk talk talk ... watch out ... your tongue (fingers?) may fall off ... Or, on second thoughts, all that is probably a part of cleansing... inner demons flowing out in the form of gibberish
  5. Lama Dorje

    Does anyone believe that any more? Like Count Cameron said another place, he say can say whatever he wants and no one can stop him... he's the kunlun-man.. unstoppable
  6. Lama Dorje

    Is this insight arising out of your kunlun practice? Its funny how a few energetic experiences make some believe they have experienced IT and lo! they have to poke into everything that is being said! irrespective of how thoughtless they may sound. And they start to bash those who they think are bashing kunlun. Seriously, sometimes you folks come across like teenage girls who have a crush on a star aka max.
  7. Lama Dorje

    Okay dodo, I appreciate your analysis I was talking about a second seminar to find some answers which they didn't want asked in a public forum. They probably thought that would let the cats out of the bag. By the way, are you the new kunlun spokesperson? Yes, you've a problem with that?
  8. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    tomato ... tomato.. compare - discernment... okay, if you say so!
  9. Neo-Advaita

    You may want to read Dennis Waite's 5000 years of Advaita. He discusses the various schools of neo-advaita like those of Nisargadutta Maharaj, Adyashanti, Poonaji etc., their approach, shortcomings and advantages. Nothing really can replace studying an original classic like Advaita Siddhi or Brahmasutra bhashya of acharya shankara.
  10. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    Please re-read what you've been writing. What you claim is pointless is exactly what you're trying to imply. And using one-sided terminology or logic.
  11. Lama Dorje

    Can you please keep your crap and frustration to yourself and not send me abusive pms? You claim you're an alchemist of a high order and blow your own trumpet, so be it. You flaunt your 30 years of practice, so be it, though I don't see much out of it - not even the confidence to stick to your words and not erase your posts! I don't care and want no pms from you. You need help man! And I doubt you're going to get it from Maxie cab. If you are the model kunlun success story, all I can say is eeeeeeeks.
  12. Lama Dorje

    I was ready to take another seminar but Chris hated that I will share my "hostility" with others and refused to enroll. Max was right there when this conversation was on and no Bodhisatva compassion materialized. Bodhisatva! how loosely people use lofty terms. Lord tathagata must be twisting somewhere with discomfort.
  13. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    This is exactly the problem with those Buddhists who want to keep claiming they are "different" and "better" than others, though they start with the disclaimer, "I don't claim this or that is better" or "I don't like to comment on others". The other issue is trying to explain everything using a Buddhist paradigm or terminology and arrive at conclusions, such as the ones here. And then there is a model of "levels" of realization which does not find a common base within Buddhists themselves. Really, it is easy to do that but hundreds of Advaitins have refuted nagarjuna, vasubandhu, dharmakirti and others. So there is nothing new to do there and waste time again. At the end of the day, most of those lost in terminologies and essays remain so and there is little actual realization. But conclusions such as these especially on masters like Sri Ramana is at most laughable. And please save yourself the trouble of typing a lengthy reply. Not much time to read that Rick
  14. Kunlun follow up poll

    And what really is the long term use of this for the student? I see how this can help the teacher though .. Nan Huai-chin talks about this at length from the perspective of enlightenment. These are, mostly, physical or sensory orchestrations and really seem to serve no purpose other than probably "feel good"?