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  1. magnetricity

    Magnetricity’ observed and measured for the first time A magnetic charge can behave and interact just like an electric charge in some materials, according to new research led by the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) which could lead to a reassessment of current magnetism theories, as well as significant technological advances. The research, published today in Nature (1), proves the existence of atom-sized magnetic charges called ‘magnetic monopoles’ that behave and interact just like more familiar electric charges. It also demonstrates a perfect symmetry between electricity and magnetism – a phenomenon dubbed ‘magnetricity' by the authors from the LCN and STFC’s ISIS Neutron and Muon Source . In order to prove experimentally the existence of magnetic current for the first time, the team mapped Onsager's 1934 theory of the movement of ions in water onto magnetic currents in a material called spin ice. They then tested the theory by applying a magnetic field to a spin ice sample at a very low temperature and observing the process using muon relaxation at ISIS, a technique which acts as a super microscope allowing researchers to understand the world around us at the atomic level. The experiment allowed the team to detect magnetic charges in the spin ice (Dy2Ti2O7), to measure their currents, and to determine the elementary unit of the magnetic charge in the material. The monopoles they observed arise as disturbances of the magnetic state of the spin ice, and can exist only inside the material. Professor Steve Bramwell, LCN co-author of the paper, said: “Magnetic monopoles were first predicted to exist in 1931, but despite many searches, they have never yet been observed as freely roaming elementary particles. These monopoles do at least exist within the spin ice sample, but not outside. "It is not often in the field of physics you get the chance to ask 'How do you measure something?' and then go on to prove a theory unequivocally. This is a very important step to establish that magnetic charge can flow like electric charge. It is in the early stages, but who knows what the applications of magnetricity could be in 100 years time." Dr Sean Giblin, instrument scientist at ISIS and co-author of the paper, added: “The results were astounding, using muons at ISIS we are finally able to confirm that magnetic charge really is conducted through certain materials at certain temperatures – just like the way ions conduct electricity in water.” ----- Source: http://www.london-nano.com/content/researc...ts/magnetricity Its very interesting that magneticism being field phenomen can by like electricity. This new point of view about magneticism cause me to meditate about yin and yang . I heard that kunlun's dragon/light body is also called magnetic body, and im curious about his analogy to magnetic monopoles.
  2. JJ Semples SoTGF method

    What is purpose of Secret of golden flower ?
  3. David Verdesi

    In his web site he compare his "level 4" (yin yang gong) to John Chang's MoPai system. And this Lei Shan Dao is his own invention. It is just another name of thunder path, not separate system.
  4. 30 days of Kunlun

    thanks. I would suggest you try to meditate about reason of your anger( and other sides of your character). Knowing self is always something valuable.
  5. 30 days of Kunlun

    which book did you order ?
  6. Anybody Ever Hear of This Guy?

    oh c'mon, this guy looks like doll ;D
  7. Is that true, that you need yin(ghost) spirit to "born" yang spirit? So, im curious how to keep avoid of them? There are so many books, and each od them includes metods with visualisation, and im a little bit confused. Thanks for some good explanations ;-)
  8. Dan Tien

    Nature does
  9. Dan Tien

    Ihmo, you cant create dantian, as you cant create third leg, or second heart. I think you can only create connection to your dantian. ps. Thanks Stigweard for nice explanation about dantian
  10. Nice! I just wanted to suggest this book too, but you were first ;-) Its one of my favorite lecture out there.
  11. Immortal Chung on cultivation problems

    Its is possible to have many splits, however this splits aint exist in present time. I wonder if this "knowing" each split is something we really need. Mind is one of this splits, present only in our memory, so for me shen isnt mind or any thing like that. My question is: are "you/or we all" sure that this splits (dreaming, subconscious, conscious, self-consciousness , intuition.. ) are real, or just our immaginery( or split only for knowing)? For instance, when i split rock, there are two rocks already, but this rocks aint exist at that same place, but subconscious and conscious does. Is every part of conscious allow us to do many things simultaneously, or just we only think that they do so? cheers
  12. Immortal Chung on cultivation problems

    I think its distinction between yin and yang shen was made for "mind understanding" to be more logicaly. For me its kinda stupid to accept Shen like something you can just split, and split over again.. I wonder why yang shen leads you to immortality, while yin shen leads you to immaginery and stuff like that. So where is the balance ?
  13. Immortal Chung on cultivation problems

    Why immortals are only yang, is there any hiden trick ? And whats exactly mean "pure" yang?
  14. Taoist Alchemy: My Complete Video Series

    Thanks for this interesting video. Im waiting for more :-)
  15. Dropping Yi...

    As you said, you cant know it for sure. Half true is when someon like you comment first half of full sentence, and pursue that understand what i meant to say. You dont know anything about me, maybe because your intention isnt my intention.. Thanks for this lesson about intention, and your point of view that makes you *knowing better*, but pls let me discover what intention is by myself.