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  1. So... well meaning self taught healers can do more harm than good by DISPERSING the sick qi instead of PULLING IT OUT, the patient feels good for a while but only for a little while... I had no idea what was involved to project energy for healing. Learning from a qualified teacher is EVERYTHING not only for the patient but also to ensure that the HEALER stays HEALTHY. You stress over and over that someone who wants to do this has to search their heart and ABSOLUTELY KNOW FOR SURE. I understand now why teachers make it difficult for students to find them. Your teacher Master Wang Juemin was an amazing man. STILLNESS MOVEMENT is cool! All I'd have to do to benefit myself and others would be to PRACTICE daily. Good book, a real EYE-OPENER! About being ABSOLUTELY SURE ABOUT KNOWING for sure; Does my mind have to know it only? Or does my mind have to be in accord with my HIGHER self? Or is this a HIGHER self in accord with the LIGHT's descision? Or stop thinking so much and JUST come if you FEEL like you want to and you can decide when you're here?
  2. Sorry...just think that it may have been the reason for this... Haven't gotten that far...sorry. Just too curious. I'll finish the book before I ask anything more.
  3. I'm in the middle of reading your book. Some of your experiences have been WILD especially those that have to do with TIME. Your PROLOGUE, well I don't know what to think about that. I wish you hadn't presented it as a fantasy. You are a better non-fiction author than a sci-fi fantasy one. I need to finish the rest of it before I can ask you any questions...right now I have a million but I'll wait until I get to the last page before I ask. WOW just WOW!
  4. What's up with those pictures?

    I've read that Kunlun makes you fat. Spirit Ape said it but as far as I read Spirit Ape has never attended a seminar so how do you know? Has there been weight gain with Kunlun and RP? Is that true? In some cases or only with those who are having problems with intergating the transmissions or changes? Would all this make you fat? Would too much energy/fuel being built up without proper distribution and outlet end up in your belly and make you fat? Also heavy food/fat helps to ground you right? Is the weight necessary to keep you balanced? This is important for me to know because there are so many health risks involved with being overweight... Thank you!
  5. What's up with those pictures?

    http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?showto...1455&st=200 Ahhhhh Ha! Could this be it?
  6. What's up with those pictures?

    No not anxious to avoid again. SMART to avoid again. I learned from my past. I have CHOICES. I create my reality and my experiences. Off to WRITE the PERFECT Haiku now.
  7. What's up with those pictures?

    I'm not retired or financially wealthy that I can stop working to focus on this. If a practice leaves me unable to work and provide for myself I need to know this now. LOL. I LIKE them and it made you speak FRENCH. I'm done too. Thanks everyone! I'll stick to the HAIKUS from now on.
  8. What's up with those pictures?

    joe said it right, winpro says it right. Together. In the MIDDLE.
  9. What's up with those pictures?

    I've already been that route. I'm in effect just like all those people who found a great teacher and then all my questions turned to dust. My questioning mind took a back seat and all my questions will seemed unimportant in the face of the WILDLY profound experiences I was having. Along with that was my feeling of PURPOSE that what I was doing would not only better myself but EVERYONE. I wanted to be a healer. I walked around on a cloud in a daze most of the time and was unable to function in life, seeing and hearing things that others couldn't. People thought I was a drug addict. LOL. I found all the NEW AGE stuff to be like that. The TEACHERS are like that as well as the students. I was hoping that with Kunlun it wouldn't be. Kunlun APPEARS to work but some students leave it to go to other practices and teachers for WHAT? WHY? I'd like to find a teacher this time where I can ask all the questions I FEEL that I need to stay grounded maintaining a BALANCE that allows me to function alert and aware in my everyday LIFE. I need my mind to be able to do that. If I start this practice do I have to give up my reasoning mind? Is that a pre-requisite? If it is then how easily will I be able to integrate KUNLUN into my life? Not so much if it sends me to other teachers for CLEaN UP. My questions are simple and just like Joe's. I'll go to the FREE LECTURE and I'll ask my questions and JOE'S and then I'll let him know what MAX says.
  10. What's up with those pictures?

    Less Enough More Less Equals More only When Less is Enough Enough = Middle = Balance
  11. What's up with those pictures?

    I guess you would make the list too SCOTTY and be NUMBER 4 and CAMERON hmmmmm ON the list OFF the list ON the list OFF the list. There are other Kunlun Students that are still practicing but have added KAP. Others started practicing Kunlun from the book but have stopped. YES I can go back and LINK that information too if anyone insists but really all I'd like to know is WHAT'S MISSING? What is lacking that sends students off to other teachers and practices? Or what's the SECRET to sticking it out? This information would benefit everyone. I'd like to stick it out. I don't want to complain about any of this when I'm in it. Call it a hunch LOL but I don't think it would go over too well.