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  1. Scrotal compression

    I've been reading a book by Mantak Chia - Taoist secrets of love : cultivating male sexual energy. The author talks about a technique for pushing chi into your scrotum by swallowing air. There might be a better way to explain it but has anyone read this or done anything similar? he mentions swallowing air and then imagining it like a ball as you push it downwards to your scrotal area. Does he mean to actually swallow air (causing a sort of burp reflex) or something else? otherwise it's really just taking a deep breath. Any thoughts or help? all appreciated..
  2. Digestion, food, energy etc

    You say tingling/chill sensation. Do you mean the spine-shiver sort of thing or endorphins? is that what you mean? because I feel a rush from sugar and it's hard to stop eating it because of that. Also get the same feeling while going to the toilet.
  3. Is there a specific method for watching what goes into the body (food and liquid), how it is broken down and made into energy? Does anyone know what I'm getting at? I'm not sure how else to explain it...
  4. sore loser

    I am a sore loser. There's probably a better term for it,s but that's what comes to mind. I have always been this way since I was a child. Some things do not worry me but used to. I avoid doing group activities/any form of competition for this reason but I have gotten better with many things. If I play a simple computer game or don't understand things after repeated tries, I become absurdly frustrated and project this onto anyone or anything nearby. Are there any suggestions from anyone that may help me correct this? are there any chapters from the tao te ching that give reference to this? Any other books?
  5. hello good people

    hey all, this place looks nice.