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  1. Why Taoism is different

    Actually in Vedic alchemical and medical traditions they recognize jing qi and shen as ojas prana and tejas. Every other alchemical or magical tradition I have looked at has the energy of the three realms. Blessings
  2. countermeasures against hairloss

    All of the herbs I have seen mentioned here have one contrain dication or another. If one is not going to see an herbalist I would go for a straight jing tonic (which would probably work better anyway) Check out Shilajit. Which I have to say is the most powerful Jing (or ojas since it is Auyervedic) tonic on the planet. Also Royal Jelly. With Royal Jelly I have had clients who actually began regrowing nerve ending that had been dead for over ten years. In a few months they had regenerated. Royal Jelly also tonifies the blood. Blessings
  3. Chi kung and insanity

    To clarify the exercise that Sifu Johnson teaches is called Gwan Gong Stroking Beard. Gwan Gong being a completely different entity from Kwan Yin. Kwan Yin actually draws its roots to a time When Kwan Yin was male because Kwan Yin is the same as Avalokiteshvara. And if you have Qi Deviations like this you truly need to see a Qigong Doctor or really even someone who has been through the M.Q.P should be able to help you. Do not mess around. Also find a qualified instructor. Blessings
  4. Jerry Alan Johnson

    Sifu Johnson did come out of retirement to teach a final Doctoral program which he is including many arts that are currently disappearing. His focus at this point is on Mysticism. His books are great and I highly recommend them. While it is true that one needs a feel for energy to work with his materials his books are loaded with the qigong and shengong to bring that about. I would still suggest a good teacher as you can certainly hurt yourself very badly with qigong if done improperly. Yes Sifu Bernard Shannon is now the Dean of the International Institute of Medical Qigong. Blessings to all
  5. Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson and Taoist Magic.

  6. hello all

    Hello everyone