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  1. Questions about Wu Wei

    sure thing. once i finally finish the paper i'll post excerpts here.
  2. Questions about Wu Wei

    These responses are excellent! Thank you everyone very much. So could it be said that humans dont really have "free will" but we kid ourselves into believing that we do posess some sort of control? And that what we believe to be free will is just us either behaving instinctually and naturally or trying to fight for some sort of control of our environment and thus interupting or flow? I have also decided to change te topic of my paper a bit. I have decided to juxtapose Taoist ideas of flow and natural action with The Epic of Gilgamesh. Namely Gilgamesh's drastic change of nature and action that occurs because of his interaction and friendship with Enkidu, who represents nature. I would appreciate any opinions and really anything anyone has to say about these topics. Thank you.
  3. Hello

    Thank you. I appreciate the hospitality and the links.
  4. Hello

    Hello my name is Jack. i make digital music under the name snax hence the user name. I am incredibly interested in learning about taoism though i dont necessarily consider myself a taoist yet. And also I have a favor to ask; I have decided to write a paper for a class of mine about taoism because I find it so interesting. Unforunately my knowledge of taoism is limited to say the least, and I was wondering if some of you guys might not mind helping me out with a few basic concepts. I'll just post the actual question I'm answering in the paper here: 3. How does Taoism understand the notion of nonaction? Can we develop our ability to engage in nonaction through attention to the workings of our natural flow? How well can natural flow be grasped, and is there an educating process through which we may be able to reacquaint ourselves with its workings? Are there any instances of wu wei and comprehensive attention to qi in our present social circumstances? What difference would it make to restore a connection to natural flow in the context of contemporary life? I'm not looking for anyone to write my paper for me, but I definitely need help if I'm going to write a well informed and logical argument. Thanks alot.