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  1. Chundi mantra

    Yes definitely! No one can help the self-victimizing. But there is certainly some sort of "outside" influence and help via aka nirmanakaya manifestation when uttering the specific mantra of a specific being. It might even be able to penetrate whatever wall of self-pity and evil one shrouds oneself with...
  2. Chundi mantra

    Thanks, I have various recordings of it being pronounced that way. Here is a link to my folder, not sure if I shared it before:!AhD4wIhahXFSg7YxufxI28XtmzCVRA Can you record yourself pronounce it and share? I don't think I'm going to learn sanskirt anytime soon lol Also are you sure about the last line? Is it not "ohm zhurli zhule zhunti soha"?
  3. Chundi mantra

    Cool! I listen to a lot of Sadhguru... which talk was that?
  4. Chundi mantra

    Interesting... Any particular links you can share? I find it surprising it is "chundi"... it all feels very chinese... especially since I'm pretty sure the "chale" is referring to the popular hindu deity "kali", right? I guess the masses have been pronouncing it wrong?
  5. Chundi mantra

    I've been practicing a long time the chinese transliteration per master nan's instructions and I've recently switched up to the sanskirt pronunciation. Any sanskirt experts know how do you pronounce the last part? Phonetically here is how i pronounce it: Namo sadoh nah samyak sam-buddha koteenam tadyatha ohm kalee kulee kunde soha! I appreciate your thoughts.
  6. Chundi mantra

    I'd like source, methodology, and translation please? Also an english pronunciation audio/guide would be great. Bill explains that in his audio it is the one-pointedness that matters most (so even incorrect pronunciation but doubt-free one-pointedness will work) however I'd like to know especially this being so darn long. This dharani really feels like the usnise vijaya dharani, too.
  7. Chundi mantra

    The one with the pinkies is dangerous, it will summon a big energy field explosion like in Kung Fu Panda... "skidoosh" Jokes aside, I like that one since it hurts fingers less. Holding the one that Master nan suggested (2nd) kinda hurts after a while..
  8. Chundi mantra

    Does anyone do that FULL full mantra? Because I am used to only doing the 2nd stanza. The whole thing does sound very beautiful however. Attached are a few zhunti audios I like--I have more if you guys are interested. The 3rd one is great as wake-up tone! 准提菩萨-天使波罗蜜.wma 佛母准提神咒-黑鸭子.wma female_clear_echo_more.mp3
  9. Chundi mantra

    Wow a few hours? Like multi-tasking or just full focus sadhana? Does your girlfriend practice, too?
  10. Chundi mantra

    Yeah, I sometimes do it while falling asleep and I can feel the energies becoming lighter and lighter to some level of satisfaction.... If I do it too long my pinky hurts though. I need to find a way to not make my pinky hurt after 30 min of doing it... Yeah wow, I wonder if they took it down due to image copyright. Have you guys read Nyasa Yoga by Bill Bodri? It's a new book and he talks about special mantras that can help raise the yang chi (in addition to Zhunti mantra).
  11. Chundi mantra

    End of each recitation cycle I took to mean after each session, however short (even one minute). The visualizing part is not a "might show up"... BIll explained in his how to mantra audiotape it should be like it just appears. FOr example, think of an apple. You just saw it your mind right? You did not have to make any effort in imagining it correct? Same with things like imagining a woman you like and sexual acts involved... you do not have to make any effort in visualization... it just happens. Have the same attitude towards visualization. I also recommend Bill's newest book on visualization. It is a gem.
  12. Some issues about this platform one should be aware of:

  13. Chundi mantra

    I have been practicing on and off for the past decade. You can do it with varying degrees but the more you do it according to the Master Nan's instructions... the more ideal. At the minimum I would recommend saying it out loud with the proper mudra. Anything less and you won't feel the effect as strong. I will sometimes integrate other visualizations into the (already) complex visualization such as skeleton meditation and duck egg. I think after 100,000 recitations I had a connection and even when I don't practice for a while and come back to it again... I feel the effect. It's a good feeling in the chest and an easy smile. A glowing light from within. Even when I just think of the mantra and am not saying anything, this feeling now arises. I have a long ways to go though and have had only a couple of dreams in the past 10 years of zhunti, both dreams ecstatic and pretty nice. I think concentrated practice is the way to go when more serious but if not feeling it any minimal practice will do! I do feel that the community of Zhunti practitioners is relatively unknown and disconnected, even though many do practice variants I just now started a group called "Cundi Bodhisattvas" and am adding those few I know who practice it... feel free to join and be a moderator:
  14. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    I believe he only talks about up to level 4 in his books. Surangama sutra talks about everything though all the way up to complete buddhahood and freedom from all layers of the 5 skandhas.
  15. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    sorry that came out the wrong way. Here's what I think are the best questions and my own answers to them: More_Pie_Guy, on 27 October 2011 - 07:49 AM, said: 1. The twin goals of "enlightenment" & "immortality" are often listed as the ultimate neidan endgames.. However, "enlightenment" is often described as the transcendence of all duality (including Self)...whereas "immortality" would be the eternal preservation of "Self," no? It seems almost contradictory, but I suppose this "immortal self" that does goes on would be a transcendence of life/death (belonging not quite wholly to either state) as Sambhogakāya? Or no? Amazing question. And yes I would have to agree. Keeping your question in mind, I would recommend you read "The Diamond Sutra Explained" by Master Nan Huai-Chin... you would have many insights. The Tripikaya originally is considered ONE thing. The sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya are both rupakaya. The dharmakaya is the formless aspect of that Tripikaya. I think that "ball of immortality" that you get when you combine your yin and yang energies, a sort of constructed immortal soul.. it could be considered a rupakaya or dharmakaya thing depending on where in the timeline you are with it. nondualism > yin-yang converge > physical counterpart of yin chi and yang chi converge nondual Reality realization > dharmakaya level up! > can materialize as sambhogakaya >>> yang shen projects/nirmanakaya/etc. Reportedly during this process you will be able to sense where your yin and yang chi and unite it although many Christian, Taoist and Zen masters just achieved this "centering" in complete and total ignorance of the body's energetics! Read the religious articles on to learn more about this phenomenon. Any transcendent evolution of consciousness originates from dharmakaya improvement acts: drop into nondualism learn to rest in your own center reach true samadhi read prajna texts to help you detach, etc. In short, yeah you're right. I just have to add that one's quest for dharmakaya, forgetting the self and all dualistic concepts through achievement of samadhi (using whatever centering technique is best), are key to accessing the sambhogakaya bioenergetics and not letting the power corrupt you in the end. -- "Answer: Sifu John has a book given to him by his master with the practices of the school outlined in medieval Chinese all the way up to Level 72. I have seen it, but of course could not read it." Would be interesting to see THAT on TPB. -- What type of meditation does Kostas prefer to practise in terms of what he believes gives him most benefit; for instance would that be standing (wu ji, Zhan Zhuang) or seated for instance (lotus, seiza). Full-lotus is arguably the best for a Immortality/Enlightenment cultivator... buddha himself said so. -- How exactly does the fusion of Yin Qi and Yang Qi in Houtian neidan (like MoPai) lead to enlightenment and/or immortality? It basically gives birth to something else inside of you.. the immortal fetus. Macrocosmic discussion: Whenever yin and yang come together (if they are able to) something (1) beneficial and (2) revolutionary happens.With the body: yin and yang (sperm and egg) combine and give a whole new life. On a more psychotherapeutic spectrum: yin and yang (calmness and energy) create a more wholesome individual. Try this with other spectrums. Try it with the paramitas. And.. the rest of the answers were specific to Kosta I hope my answers to these questions provide some value to others as well.