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  1. Late night cravings?

    My breakfast alone would probably kill Fuhrman but I'm a 6'3 native American/Scottish decent and not a former figure skater...different strokes but the main theme is food quality and people are fooling themselves in that regard.If it's processed it will have a net negative effect long term.If it comes in a box with a label it's less than ideal,if it has health claims on the box it's probably even worse. BTW my wife had ulcerative colitis with a diagnosis of likely bowel surgery,that was 3 years ago and she is 100% cured through diet alone(according to Dr's it was just spontaneous remission,sure) as well as my lifelong IBS,sinus infections,allergies,cavities and acne 100% cured through diet(not vegetarian).I've spent about 2,000 hours researching the diet spectrum but I always come back to the work of Weston A Price.
  2. Late night cravings?

    Not necessarily even though I've been on a high fat diet(60% calories from fat) for 3 years and my blood work is fine.I've been 100% gluten free for 6 years. My point was that all wheat products are crappy processed food that cause leptin resistance(appetite regulation),gut irritation and insulin dis-regulation. To a much lesser extent legumes and other grains do the same but the main offender is gluten and high temperature extruded de-natured protein factory processed food-like items(cereal,pasta,crackers,flours,cakes ect)that stuff is crap and along with sugar and vegetable oil(veg oil is NOT FOOD) THE major player in Western degenerative diseases.
  3. Late night cravings?

    ditch the wheat and eat more fat and protein for breakfast...cereal and bagels are poor food choices
  4. Chinese Metal Element

    metal=sword (s)word=air English is an occult crafted language like that
  5. Antibiotics

  6. The Venus Project

    isn't this Zeitgeist collectivist nonsense basically the polar opposite of Daoism?
  7. ReishI Mushroom, Ling Zhi

    I have not tried the cracked spore but you can get it at JingHerbs. The best cordyceps I've found comes from HyperionHerbs. It's a 10:1 extract and they have a Duanwood Reishi dual hot water/alcohol extract that is very nice.
  8. Ron Teeguarden's Tonic Alchemy

    His lights Out sleep formulas is awesome. I tend to stay away from formulas that have 100 ingredients as I feel each one is so diluted it loses potency. IMO many of the herbs work by hormesis so taking too many would be like someone who works out too much and is overtrained,it is a stress on the system.
  9. How to cultivate more YANG enegry?

    As far as your diet there is huge room for improvement there and taking herbs would certainly be beneficial. If you eat that junk you listed every couple of days then you always have chemicals and crap in your system.Low body temp after eating can be inflammation(gluten damage).Grains and peanuts(beans) have high lectin and anti-nutrient loads and irritate the gut blocking mineral absorption. How is your digestion and elimination?
  10. whats the Beef

    some ideas 1. weak digestion from overeating carbs thereby reducing stomach acid 2. feedlot beef-high in n6 low in n3-eat grassfed only 3. eating beef with starch-it's traditional but not good for digestion-skip buns and potato with beef 4. over cooking-I eat my beef rare or raw-much easier to digest 5. maybe it just doesn't agree with you...the reason I don't eat chicken
  11. label away if it makes you feel better The venus Project is still a load of crap and I've already wasted too much energy on this nonsense
  12. the people behind these films are Fabian Socialists
  13. What will be the future earth society?
  14. Rickson Gracie Yoga and energy breathing practice

    many valid points here. just to throw in my 2 cents....who would do better in a knife wielding,nut kicking,eye poking scrap-a 185 lb athletic sport fighter who trains full force with relatively safe technique or a 135 lb Kung Fu nerd with delusions of power and a multitude of fantasy techniques?