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  1. Alchemical book suggestions

    Hey, Mister Yedulove's back Good to hear from you... I discover this topic today and as a game of chance, it's the day I've chosen yesterday to start "100 days for..." practices. Quite weird lol
  2. Pa Kua Chang Chi Kung : Niveau 1-6

    Hey, seems like I didn't come back quick enough to answer you back Well, for the "material" of these 10 volumes: mostly fighting oriented in my opinion. "The essence of internal martial arts" was -in my opinion- more an opportunity for mister Johnson to show "all the possibilities" that could be reached fallowing such an internal training, but in no case it would be used as a training manual (completely... incomplete !!). I didn't read the "medical qi gong" volumes, but the summaries tend to show a very different material than "pa kua chang chi kung" volumes. For Mantak Chia Iron shirt volumes: I can't speak about it, I don't know these. In fact, volumes 1 to 6 of pa kua chang chi kung are still available on amazon. 7 to 10 were available, I think, only via Mister Johnson when you completed the training of the other books and answer some questions. I do not have these last 4 volumes. And sorry, I do not have PdF files of what I have If you are realy interested in it, and if you live in USA, you must try to contact Mister Bernard Shannon or an other advanced student of mister Johnson for more information. Sincerely, Kadishtu Edit: if you use a translator be careful: it seems like the texts in these books were not correctly translated from English to French, and so there are some weird sentences. I'm quite able to guess what was the "original" sentences in English, but using an automatic translator to go from French to English again might give some treasures of high level strangeness and incomprehension :) Be careful to not ruin your health because of poor translation
  3. Pa Kua Chang Chi Kung : Niveau 1-6

    Hi Skywalker, I'm French, I've these books at home. In fact these are the 6 first manuals of a 10 manuals set. I think you could directly contact Mister Bernard Shannon to know if these volumes are available in your language (and also simply still available !!). These books are inspiring. After my recent meeting with an internal wing chun Master I have a new interest for these books. For example, the first volume gives different methods of breathing to bring the fondations for the student (belly breathing, reverse breathing, chi "drumming", microcosmic orbit) and also tools for beginning Iron shirt training (water bison, turtle, etc, ...) Good luck for your research. Kadishtu
  4. J.A.Johnson

    Hi guys, years ago, there were sold in Europe (and of course, I think in USA too) course books of martial chi kung written by Jerry Alan Johnson, titled "pa kua chang chi kung". Did somebody try these ? Isn't dangerous, even if the teacher is famous as this guy seems to be, to learn this stuff alone ? (e.g.: a lot of standing meditation coupled with breathing techniques, iron shirt, yi quan zhang zhuang, etc...) It seems like in USA JAJ is seen as a kind "internal martial artist god", but in Europe, lot of people are talking s... about him. Maybe because he never came to teach in Europe, and so, it's easy for them to say that is stuff is 100% bullshit.
  5. John Painter

    Thanx guys for all your interesting answers. Well, now I'll have to travel to meet Mister Painter or one of his representatives
  6. John Painter

    Hi Spirit Ape, thank you for answering me so quickly No, I don't need you to disturb your friend for this, because I've already disturbed Mister Painter by E-mail I'm here to talk about one precise point in fact... When I saw this guy (pictures on his site)... wow, I felt like watching a bodybuilder ! It was a complete contradiction with wath I thaught to know about internal martial arts. My only ressource about these where the books of Jerry Alan Johnson (Pa kua chang chi kung vol 1 to 6), who seems to be the priest of the motto "you're a internal martial artist, so don't even think about weightlifting !!!". Then on other forums, I met other guys who told me the same motto: "no weight for Internal M.A." And this Shifu, not only take the time to answer me back, 2 or 3 times via E-mail, but also change my opinion about it with some very clear statements. So, in your opinion, is weightlifting incompatible/compatible with Nei Jia Chuan ? Do both sides (muscles/no muscles) of the Nei Jia Chuan give the same results ? If only I was living in USA, I could meet both J.A. Johnson and J. Painter to make my own opinion, but I'm so far and curious at the same time ! Regards, Kadishtu
  7. John Painter

    Hi guys, Here does somebody knows him ? Work with him ? If yes, could tell us if what he teaches is interesting ? See you
  8. Jerry Alan Johnson

    Excuse me, if my question doesn't fit precisely with the topic. I do have some books of J.A.J, the 6 first volumes of "Pakua Chang Chi Kung" that he published years ago now. It seems to be a lot of training about martial Chi kung, and some health routines too (a lot of stance training/standing meditation). Does a student of him in this forum could tell me if I really can start with those books ? I think it's quite dangerous without a teacher by my side, but these books were sold for that precise goal of "learning alone" at that time ! I'm hesitating to start or not ... could be great for my martial practice ... Might I have your opinion ? Thanks
  9. Kadishtu, newbie in the lobby

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jean, I'm 25 and I live in France. I'm deeply interested in wing chun, and also in daoist sciences. My first serious approach of chi kung was the reading of "the essence of internal martial arts" of Jerry Alan Johnson. I practice the very first level of Mantack Chia system (inner smile, six healing sounds, microcosmic orbit). I love running, and bodyweight workout. I expect to learn a lot from your experiences through this board, Let learn from each others, peace, Jean.