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  1. Applying Dao to the DOW

    rub a happy buddha's tummy and hang a coin (preferably with red) in the money bagua of your home.
  2. God / Enlightenment = SEX

    "...why is it a upward flow during orgasm up the spine to the brain?.." It probably goes upwards as all of the endorphins etc are released in the brain, all the biological, hormonal stuff to make you want to do it again and again in order to keep the species moving. I think the religious ideas about it came later on when humans or their predecesors started to think. How does evolution fit with Taoism? The tao was before thought. I just answered my own question. And when you have an orgasm you are having a completely biological experience. Don't think too hard about it- it just is
  3. Dragons, Pearls, & Phoenixes

    I do like this cross discipline banter. My understanding of the dragon and phoenix is that it is a direct symbolic representation of the yin-yang tao with phoenix being yin, dragon yang. The phoenix rises from the fire of the dragon's breath, (not sure how the other end is connected or if it needs to be). One can't exist without the other and is the result of the others action or inaction. I never realised that it was a pearl and now makes my interest in pearls is all the more potent. I thought it was an egg or something to indicate birth or the next level but that makes sense too. Pearls of wisdom in the golden embryo.
  4. Another way of looking at the yielding/ soft- hard, being flexible thing is to choose your fights
  5. Religion and Primitive Tribalism

    " Does practicing Qigong and other techniques transform tribal conditioning, belief systems and the fearful mind? Here is a link on some of the media insanity in the culture of the U.S.A. This is why I wanted to have this discussion. In general, I have doubts that most humans can transcend their primitive roots, no matter how far removed i.e, time and distance." Ralis, I agree with your comments. Although some of us have surpassed ethnic tribalism and become more global in our thinking we all still adhere to our little tribal practices in our everyday communities. Its called peer pressure or social conditioning. When everyone starts talking about fear and war its time to turn off the telly and do tai chi. I would like to think that most people can transcend their primitive roots but also think that most of them don't want to. It's war-porn or fear-porn, like watching disaster news, it's too engrossing to turn off even though you feel a bit dirty watching it. Any practice that stills the mind is going to be good -for the collective consciousness too.
  6. What a Tosser!

    Clyman has to much hot air in his belly => biliousness
  7. Hi from NZ

    Ta Yoda, If we were looking at the symbolism in your dream I would say that you had something really hard, virile and all encompassing chasing you ha ha. Chasing dreams usually mean too much work to do although reading dreams is not my forte. Tena koe Moonbar and kia kaha koe.
  8. Hi from NZ

    Hi, Just checking in. Nice site, thank you. I forget to meditate but would like to do more and just this morning I heard a great radio interview about buddhism that has got me thinking. Can't wait to have the time to read some of your articles more fully. In the meantime I'm just about to finish some study which includes symbolism and Taoism in Chinese art. I'm working on jade symbolism ie, jade whisk; jade palace; jade stem; jade garden; etc and I have flicked through the Jade dragon and White Tigress books, if anyone has any other jade symbolism thoughts to contribute, please do. Kia ora tatau Kim