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  1. Shaolin temple

    hello lin: thank you very much from your preamble . and by the last sentences that you have ditributed, this question has created in my mind that : then, whre is the deferance beetwin fujian temple and honan temple? if the roots of taoism in china , is in the sourhern region, so how mean the station of taoism basics in the sholin ? and what will be this matter that : in fact shaolin temples have some taoism tendencies ? and what will be the incarnation of taoism in invironment in china and where is it? an other matter is that : where is cyncretism that had been beetwin taois and buddism? in belief and in living space, too?
  2. Shaolin temple

    there is introduced for some questions about shaolin temple in china : ... what had been the root of the word "shaolin" in historical china ? and is there any relationship and seperate reason for the name "shao", that the mountain region had been called with that name? and : how had been the current of life in the shaolin tempe for masters and students in the short and long time in the temple? and what was the base of the deep planings in the temple and how had based on the taoism and buddhism oppinions? thanks.
  3. Jing and the Golden Flower

    witch, what relationship is between your explanation by effect of sense of current nature on the seed jing? you have enter from other channel!!!!!!!
  4. Jing and the Golden Flower

    i am interesting so much, about percept and touch the depth of that seed chi current, and i am looking for that sense it in myself. infact , golden flower , is truth of our best exist current. our body and our soul and mind have real roots in the nature. all of them have one language , we flow in "cosmic language" ... that is free from any dependence, and so there is i (ego) that is thrown away from , its origine ; that dont touch real of its pure sense in roots and no on the treetops.... but mould of nature is current in their own real current , and only human , is seperated from he s or she s truth place. so, what motion and senses and touchin or relationship in the sheer nature current , is near by one s real existance and flourish the fresh and sheer sense of "golden flower" .
  5. the bums?

    to fatherpaul : ok; i see. and real is that we - in any language and intellectual space and own method or style that we are, - we move in the path that can speak about diverse opinions and own perceptions , to sense truth concepts of matters , more and more ... in some clear and pure spaces ,some here ... thanks.
  6. the bums?

    "stop doing " , is the root , that terminate to these contradictions that "appear" , but in truth are not. when one is in that real way that "tao te ching" has said , there can not be interpretations by "self" think of any one ; becouse he or she has shipwreck in that real way that are not abstracted. and in this way one has understanded meaning of "dont be ego, not exist self in act" in one s innert, so he or she percept truth of meaning of " have not desire ".
  7. the bums?

    in the reply to dwai: ecxatly my main mean is to direct to that great concept of "tao te ching " that you said. and "de" in that mean that in the depth, nor the define for TAO , RELATE to a spectrum from mere sensuality in presence in all of our exist, to deep perceptions in ghost or soul ; thet they are not seperated from together. and it depends to any one s existence external and innert level.
  8. the bums?

  9. the bums?

    hello dwai: you say completely right .what is in truth , is certainl apply and current of De (Te) in human life that put human in real way of life, that is free from depend to oneself ; and it is that cosmic way (named wei wu wei in taoeism) , the way that god(tao) current and exist in my exist and ever not exist i. the way that i am free and independant . i am free and i will sense purity in total of my life bitween microcosmos and macrocosmos...
  10. the bums?

    hello Warfarer64 : thank you very much for your explanations. that way that you have implied it about adjacent relation by nature and its forces, is completly and ecxatly in my seeking in myself and my soul. and i have sensed in myself that our truth living , is in depth of motion to the selfishless from this bondage in the appearance and touchable time - space , to that real balance that you implied. balance that create from duble right(and in fact one powerful ) current bitween Yin & Yang that is in eternal slogan and from and in the source of god by that universal harmony that" will experienced by cooperating with Tao". and acheives in touchable world and mind by concentration and meditation from our deepest layars.
  11. Iran

    yes ; ecxatly .
  12. the bums?

    i am in agreement exatly, with you later sentence. and aoigin of purpose is in the ventricle of it.
  13. Iran

    you dont know how much i bekame happy from seeing these pictures from iran. and i thank alot of from you for this work.
  14. the bums?

    thanks; and what is your opinion?
  15. the bums?

    ok .i percept it, noe,well ; your viewpoint is right completly. but my mean from pose of atman & brahman, is fact of its conceptions that both in taoeism and hindu, direct to that great goal. genuine in both of them and essence of the worl is moving to sense that oneness. i dont understand your mean of this mispell? what repugnance is there in my opinion and question? i dont understand your mean of this mispell? what repugnance is there in my opinion and question?