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  1. ORMUS

  2. Feds to kill any type of blogging?

    Theyl use some lame ass terrorist excuse to push the bill through. The "T" word has worked for just about everything else so far.
  3. Questionable Mak Tin Si Sect

    I look at these posts by MTS, and he seems more like a salesman trying to sell used cars than a taoist.
  4. Swine Flu in Mexico: The "New" Bird Flu

    Bottom line is, thwy make the virus to make us give our fear energy to them. But it is not working. The B$ just isnt cutting it anymore. and i live to see the day the monetary system collapses, so "so called healers" wont have any excuse to be more like salesmen anymore.
  5. Swine Flu in Mexico: The "New" Bird Flu

    Probably more fear mongering for a problem that dosent actually exist. nothing to worry about.
  6. killed a bug

  7. Hope...

    I read the post until i saw the word "Obama". The last thing Obama, or any politician or world leader wants is peace through love. All they think is "Peace through Power!!"- Yes i know that quote is from command and conquer.
  8. Charities

    I personaly think we should follow the "Prime Directive" and not interfere in such cultures. JUst look at ourselves. Civil war over money. The people in the developing countries are not stupid, otherwise they wouldnt have survived over all these years. Charity= Foreign voluntry tax. And please dont give all that bull about karma, since is an illusion created by greedy corrupt individuals. and 2.i am in the belief that if i cannot remember my past lives, i should not be accountable for them. Otherwise i would be saying sorry for an infinate amount of things that i have no memory of. I believe in karma for PRESNT life though, as ive seen it with my own eyes, but when you die it gets wipes clean (like starting a new game). There is no new game+ in this world otherwise everyone would be guilty of somthing. Think about it, if some cop came up to you and said "i want you to sign a confession for somthing that happened a thousand years ago". Would you sign it? No of course not, its essentialy framing yourself for a murder you did not commit. It is the same with karma.
  9. ramtha any opinions?

    I think anyone who charges copiuos amounts of money for courses, healing, or any other induction to knowledge is a fraud. Sorry, but thats the way it is. Money and Ramtha was created by greedy corrupt individuals who seek to enslave the world and this dimension. Meow:damn keyobard.
  10. Open Letter To Stigwerd

    You see this is where ive got a BIG PROBLEM with this. Using Somthing that was created by negativity, corruption and lies (money) for improving negative karma. If anything, it could make things worse. Please just admit you are selling a product and accept donations on top of that. The way you are wording this, i would NEVER come to you for healing Mak Tin Si, no matter how good you proclaim to be.
  11. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Thats kool Stig, i wasnt trying to stop the proceedings as i know that would be futile. But i still think the whole money thing is wrong. But anyway, good like to Gossamer i hope everything goes well for you.
  12. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    You do realize that money is nothing but numbers on a computer screen right?Money was created by greedy, powerful people who want to control the world. So by using money, you are essential asking for these greedy powerful people's permission to 1.heal Gossamer and 2.validating greed and corruption. I would rather take the "FREE" doctor because i could be at ease in my mind that no-one suffered as a result of my healing and also i didnt have to ask those who would take my freedom away for permission. As regards to Yin and Yang becoming balanced, i dont agree that is possible unless you are a master. Most who claim to be in balance are either lying, or deluding themselves. Its not about being perfectly balanced, it is about being as balanced as realisticly possible. I just see perfect balance as being another goal that is so hard to reach that you will just end up killing yourself spiritualy. Just look at Stephane Hemon from Ideagasms, now that is a guy who is so spiritualy dead he has just become a robot that sells dvds on how to scare women away. Like i said, i dont mean to be rude. Im just disagreeing.
  13. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Not to sound rude. But why is it necerssary to throw money at a problem when there is always a free remedy available? Like i said All 3 of them need healing, not just Gossamer. But i would never throw $1000 (or $300 for that fact) at a problem that quite obviously has a FREE remedy. No offense to Mak Tin Si, but it sounds like a way of profiting from others misfortunes. If i HAD to pay somthing for this kind of treatment, i would pay $100 tops, no more. Im not doubting your abilities, but charging the amount you are just seems very odd IMO. I will no doubt get grilled like a duck for this. But its worth it (Hmmmmmmmm Duckie).
  14. orgonite

    Good question, although i have a small candle salt lump, a Amethyst lamp and numerous pieces of oprgnte, i hvent noticed any ill effects. So you should be okay. But make sure you get some amethyst, eithr raw or in orgonite, i really does help you relax. Just balance it out with some herkimer diamonds (i think) because the effect can be extreme where you just wont care anymore about anything. (well, thats what i researched anyway)
  15. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    I know im only a fledgling, but i want to add my own two pennies, instead of just concentrating on healing Gossamer, how about heal Snakecharmer and Argentum Corvus at the same time, 3 for the price of 1? it seems obvious that All of you need healing. Whether or not Snakerchamer or Argentum corvus has been firing bullets at Gossamer and vice versa is irrelavent. I think receiving healing from the master to BOTH parties is only fair. David, I hope you dont mind me calling you by your first name. I have read the entire topic. I dont know what to think, May be you have done what Gossamer said about (hacking) or you havent. (Its tic for tac as far as im concerned). But what is clear, there needs to be a peaceful remedy. NOW before i saw the whole story, i thought the pair of you should be locked up for crimes against computers (David and snakecharmer). But i dont think so anymore.I think you ARE ALL to blame (David, Snakecarmer, Gossamer) for all of this, and therfore ALL OF YOU need to be healed. So i petition to Mak Tin Si to a addion to the healing charter.