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  1. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    I train in and study Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and Hoshin Budo.
  2. The first rule of Book Club is - you do not talk about Book Club..
  3. After reading "Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master" by Glenn Morris I heard the faint click of a key opening a locked door.
  4. TADA!

    Hi bums. My name is Steven, 33 from Melbourne, Australia. I started practicing Bujinkan in 1994 and became interested in Buddhism around the same time. Following on from those initial practices I was introduced to sensing intention through ninjutsu and read some interesting stories about high level Buddhist meditations (elephant manifestations). I then started reading Dr Glenn Morris' first two books and a whole new world was opened to me. I read a bit of Mantak Chia and some other books on qiqong. I tried Mantak Chia's secret smile tape but found it too distracting to meditate along with. I then got hold of Michael Winn's DVD series and although informative, don't enjoy the taichi feel of it. A few years ago I had my first reiki attunement to see what energy actually felt like. It's funny how in our own ways we ask for things and the universe provides, albeit in her own time. I joined Hoshinbudoryu last year and finally found what I was looking for in chi development. Glenn's Secret Smile Meditation CD was right on the money for me. I prefer guided meditation at this stage of my development. Sooo, through that affiliation and further readings on energy development/manipulation I saw KAP being mentioned a few times. I was very happy to discover KAP by distance last year and signed up in December . Some members there recommended to come here to learn more.. TADA!