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  1. pure water. a great qi-boost.

    Just want to mention that pure water (lacking any impurities) does not conduct electricity. We need the ions from impurities like minerals to allow a current to flow through the water.
  2. Stop The Klling Of Dogs In China For Food

    This happened 4 years ago? News link
  3. Some Things I've Realized

    Wow that's all amazing advice. I just want to toss in my own 2 cents. I found The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to be very helpful.
  4. Surrogate parenting?

    Well said.
  5. Master Chen 3 week Taoist retreat to China

    I emailed about the trip. It's booked full but they have a list in case someone cancels. Looks like a great experience and I hope to go someday.
  6. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    I've recently started practicing Chen style Tai Chi. Interested in Wing Chun as well, but haven't found a teacher nearby.
  7. Hello

  8. Hello

    Hello everyone. I've found my way to this forum quite a few times and decided I would register and introduce myself. I'm located in London, Ontario and my interests currently include the practice of Chen Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and I'm interested in learning to actively cultivate my chi. I've been interested in Taoism for a year or two, and it has taught me many interesting things. I hope to learn many more. Steve p.s. Stigweard: I like my green tea either strong or subtle, depending on my mood.