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  1. Abstaining from masturbation

    I have been masturbating since i was 6. often times for hours on end. around my early teens i peaked at about 25 times a day. it was the equivalent of an intense alcohol addiction. i would mentally masturbate on the way home from school. and then masturbate for about 3 hours before dinner and then another 4 or so at night. when i began getting erections and masturbating in more traditional ways with my hands (as opposed to carpet/pillows) around 6th grade, things got out of control. literally orgasming and losing my seed some 20 times a day, every day. 7 days a week. around 18 i started to take it down to 4 or so times a day...sometimes skipping 3-4 days. but it was never less than 10 times a week. its usually still close to three times a day, though i only ejaculate through masturbating every few days now. I can honestly say i am probably in the top 1000 masturbators through out all of history. the 20 times a day was sustained for several years. and several of those years included the use of cannibus (NOT GOOD!). i would stop off in public bathrooms, at school, at friends houses, in the car, parking lots, at a wake, anywhere, any time. in addition to this, i was also having a lot of sex. coming absolutely consumed me. in my ignorance i thought this was a symbol of my vitality, and perhaps in a way it was... but, it has had drastic repercussions, as you can imagine. i am an addict. my knees hurt like those of an 80 year old man, it feels like a cheese grater being worn on the inside of them, i have a small chest and irregular heart beat, i have random hair loss all along my legs due to nerve damage/poor circulation, i am constantly stressed and have a terrible attention span. despite an IQ of 153 and being labeled as gifted growing up... i have been unemployed for the last two years. i still masturbate during the afternoons despite having a girlfriend whose sex drive surpasses mine. some might consider the fact that the first thought that enters my head when passing a woman is ...'she has one too! they all do!' (vagina) to be the most harmful result of my copious whacking. i can't be around women without wanting to do very sexual things. (i personally don't have a problem with this, but i'm sure some of you saints out there do) anyway, your 1-3 times a day is nothing. i'm still relatively fine, my legs look a little funky from hair loss and i have HUGE, Popeye calves, and i can't stand on my feet all day without knee pain.... but im okay i've experienced the sensations you've described and considering your situation, it is normal. the best thing to do is find something BETTER TO DO. if your mentality is to NOT MASTURBATE...you will be beating away like a humming bird in no time. the more i tried and thought "DO NOT MASTURBATE" well...id go a few hours, a day, two, and then id jerk off to 10 hours of porn. you cannot be focusing on it in such a negative way. the trick is... to simply not have the time to do it. get involved in other things. though i don't entirely practice this: ideally i masturbate regularly still, once or so a day, slowly and without tension, but i do not cum. I may orgasm several times, but i keep my stuff. I will not orgasm unless its inside of my girlfriend and she is orgasming as well. anyway. my point: I got you beat by like 6 times.... my stuff hasn't fallen off, im relatively healthy, and i am an excellent lover able to please the hardest safes to crack. its hurt my nerves/knees, aided in random hair loss, and my concentration is shot... but im not dickless and on a death bed. another thing i've experienced is after several times of masturbating and orgasming but not ejaculating, is later in the night I might be very aroused, and sexually wanting, but my penis will stay completely flacid.. i could see the feeling of that as somewhat similar to a burning sensation. so maybe thats what you are feeling. for me, the trick is to hit the 'reset' button by just masturbating quickly and ejaculating. this usually fixes it and within minutes i have a nice hard healthy pan handle. i have even had to masturbate and ejaculate with a completely flaccid penis, but it still fixes it. that and vitamin b12. and water. again, just get your life in such a way that you simply don't have the time to masturbate that much. when you get into bed, be so tired that you'lll pass out in a minute, and when you wake up in the morning, get out of bed immediately. don't take an active defense against it, you will lose. its just like the tao says, a society in need of law has already degenerated. move beyond it and be beyond it. good luck.
  2. introduction

    I am almost 25. at 14 i picked up daniel reids book: tao of health, sex and longevity. i am highly undisciplined. i do mean well.