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  1. Favorite Prayers?

    I struggle with the idea of prayer, I do believe that it defines your intention and the intention is the beginning of your action. I also like the idea of celebrating what I see beauty in, sometimes it seems natural to say to myself this is beauty and it is wonderful. I dont pray to relieve my pains, I have to accept my pains and understand them at that point I can live with them. I like Zanshin prayer or hymn, it really doesnt matter to me what it is, it is just nice to recognize the beauty around us, especially during these time of strife. Take care...
  2. Greetings

    Thanks for the greeting Shontonga, I practice Yang style Taiji. Namely the 24 simplified form and the 13 posture broadsword. I began doing taiji and pilates as physical therapy for an injury, now I doing fine and I am as fit as I was before the injury. I try to follow the principle of sound mind / sound body, and there will be good times and bad times, just have to learn to appreciate both. Have a great day. Thanks again for saying hello.
  3. Greetings

    Hello all, I am new here. I've had a few set backs and but looking to open my heart and mind. I have been practicing Taiji here in CA for the last year with a wonderful teacher and group. I have been attending classes in Mandaran for the last three years, a very humbling experience. Nice to be here, have a good day.