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  1. What is (romantic) love?

    Romantic love is complete union between two individuals, thus becoming one. They have no fear, doubts, or questions, for they are each others answers. They envelope themselves in eternal bliss, a subjective sanctuary of endless attraction. They pronounce their lust for one another in a passive objective way. They do not boast, instead they're very aware they have all they need. Thus popularity and fame is nothing but a burden. Tis when two become one, and yearn nothing more but one another for nothing else matters outside themselves.
  2. Howdy

    Just dropping by to give a little info about myself and then I'll just do what I do best... NOTHING. My name is Mickey, I'm a 17 year old living in Iowa of the United States. I absolutely despise formal education, and can't wait to graduate. I don't trust the government, and I suppose I could be labeled as a Conspiracy Theorist but I'm not overly paranoid. I like Astrology, Spirituality, Religion, etc. I just say I'm a Taoist cause I don't enjoy any of the other labels, otherwise I'd say I'm everything. I feel as if you can learn from all religions, so I read up on just about anything. I'll probably stick around these forums for a while, I might not post everyday but you know how it goes. So that's about all I've got, if you've any questions, hit me.