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  1. Secret of the Golden Flower

    I went to the website of JJ Semple and downloaded his podcasts. He claims that breathing with the diaphragm and keeping a quiet, focused mind are all you need to begin this practice. He says that after 100 days of correct meditation (the quietness and the breathing) the process sort of takes over and that you are mostly just along for the ride. He then says that the seminal fluid (or cervical fluid in women) is diverted up the spine and used by the brain to nourish the entire body by passing through the nervous system. Now I haven't read his book, so I don't know what background he has. But it seems odd to me that Darin and Semple have both had revolutionary results using the Wilhelm translation, and there are still people saying that you need some special practice to get anything from the text. Ken and Kronos, please PM me or something to help me understand what you're saying. Thanks as always. yes this is all you need to begin, to abide by your dan tien, to forget urself and breathe into dan tien, after a while once u have been directing the qi, enough builds, and you have opened the path a little, then when you can breathe deep enough and slow enough, ur mind will slow enough that the qi can take over, then u just follow along. after the practice session, constantly keeping it in mind, even whilst u go about ur daily routine, over the days the qi ball will grow in dan tien and it will become constant, instead of having a vague feeling of some little something in there it will be a ball the size of ur fist filled with 1000 psi, then it will become impregnated and will become like its charged by lightning, then the practice takes on a different aspect. but there will also be a quickening process in your daily life whereby aspects of urself that u hide from the world will surface, and every challenge of personality will surface and you will go through some hard lessons. back flowing means also that instead of letting energy go out your penis in the form of gratification, or out of your eyes and mouth in the form of validation and more self gratification, you will humble urself and forget worldly concerns, the energy will flow back and you must circulate it so it doesn't stagnate, this way you will avoid the outflowing method which most people practice which leads to death. it doesn't mean u give up the world, just the world you currently know where everyone is seeking approval and validation for their ego. to be resolved to practice, to clean ur body ( tao yin ), to clean ur mind, to watch ur speech and check urself for the mistakes u've made on a daily basis, these are the most important factors to keep in mind.
  2. Secret of the Golden Flower

    my background in training began with discovering the books related to the golden flower some of which are already mentioned on this forum. from there i inquired with kung fu teachers , eventually finding one that knew the whole practice. i started with the simple exercises you find in print and had to wait several years to move to the intermediate levels and then to the advanced. only parts of these techniques are found in print, such as bone breathing/ marrow washing. my experiences span many years and i am hesitant to mention them. The aim is bliss knowledge existence, the true state of our reality. what you find is an elevation of the spirit as the energy moves to the head, faculties and functions are opened up and you perceive directly the state of the universe and your place and role in it and the unlimited potential you have as your consciousness unfolds. daily practice allows this state to last longer and longer and u desire to remain in this state and so you start really taking it seriously. people have limited experiences because generally they try to force the qi, which does move but it is not the correct way. in the beginning i did not realize that u have to collect a lot of energy in dantian so the experience is greater and lasts longer. then one day the ball in dantian impregnates and you realize it has its own consciousness, an amazing fucking day u will never forget, then it moves by itself and if you can overcome the fear it will circulate. to begin, If you can attach and constantly bring your focus back to the inhaling the qi within the breath and directing it to dantian then eventually the mind is overcome and becomes your slave not your ruler and you discover how to use your will. the most important thing is to make a proclamation ' i will train everyday ' and stick to it at all costs. if you can do this then in a very short time nature herself will open her door to you and you may ask her the things you wish to know and she will show you.
  3. A Fundamental Buddhist Concept

    very good observation wu liu, there is atman, the soul body is carried by the vehicle karana sarira
  4. Secret of the Golden Flower

    wu- liu. i have twenty years of practice in the golden flower and its related practices if u would like to correspond, i would welcome the info exchange.
  5. new member

    looking to communicate with fellow students of kung fu, qi gong, feng shui, fang shu and vedanta.