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  1. General Discussions

    Schedule a free audiobook download of JJ Semple's Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. March 30, 2011. A narrative exploration of The Secret of the Golden Flower now in audiobook format. FREE... Listen to an audio sample
  2. Thought you might be interested in JJ's latest Podcast episode that takes a reflective look at the differences between orthodox religion and the mystic path and his Blog post that examines the Do I Need a Teacher? issue. http://lifeforcebooks.com/_Media/Podcasts/GoldenFlower05.mp3
  3. Temporary vs. Permanent Kundalini

    We seem to be working toward the same end. My recent blog post echoes your experience. Will check your links out... Thanks
  4. Temporary vs. Permanent Kundalini

    I would say they are the same experience, filtered through educational and cultural biases. Most of the differences seem to be the individual author's choice of words. Put the two together in the same room, ask them to hash out the differences and I bet they'd come pretty close. That is, if they could set aside their terminology differences, which, as I stated in my previous post, holds us all prisoners.
  5. Temporary vs. Permanent Kundalini

    My interest is in finding some way of documenting the K experience. Gopi Krishna tried to get it going in the 70s and 80s. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, it's been woefully neglected. What I've found to be a useful blueprint for future K investigation is to compare the ways interest in Near Death Experience (NDE) and Kundalini are explored. It provides insight into where Kundalini study might lead in the future. As for interest "in everyone else's," it would be nice if everyone had the same experience, but they haven't. Therefore, I have to relate every experience I hear about to the one I've lived. Only in that way, do I have an inkling of what went on. I use my experience as a baseline; others probably feel the same about theirs. We won't understand this phenomenon by discouraging comment, only by getting more individuals to describe their experiences in a clear, concise manner.
  6. Temporary vs. Permanent Kundalini

    Love this insight. It's a set of conclusions I'm coming to after many years of living with, exploring and researching K. Thanks ~ JJ Semple
  7. JJ Semple distinguishes between Temporary and Permanent Kundalini. While his discourse may be subjective, and to some degree anecdotal, it is the result of talking to many Kundalini practitioners and comparing their experiences with his. Wonder how others feel about his findings? Any empirical narratives to add?
  8. Recently, an SEO guru asked us to include a link to a friend's blog in our next Newsletter. Normally, we don't respond to this type of request, but JJ Semple became interested when I told him about the subject matter. This blog post entitled, Mathematical Proof On Why Trying To Attract Women Fails, actually dovetails neatly with JJ's work on the importance of individual symmetry in activating Kundalini. Although the contexts are different, there is an interesting overlap. JJ says symmetry can foreshadow the ease with which a person awakens Kundalini. The writer of the blog talks about the influence of symmetry on sexual selection. JJ sums up the overlap in a recent blog post.
  9. The stillness movement is widespread. Witness JJ Semple's work on Kundalini, which dictates that stillness is the key to control of heart rate and the key factor for initiating the backward-flowing method.