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  1. How to die?

    I love your question and I feel I will answer it very differently than most. I was surprised to hear people say that you can do nothing because if I understand your scenario correctly, at this time in the story, your mind is still intact, for at least a little while longer and to some extent. In my studies of philosophy, I have found death very interesting and thought about it a lot. If you do not die instantly, your whole life may be summed up at this very important point and I for one would want to feel that I at least did some really awesome things in this world. So in a way, part of that ending would have to do with my life right now. No matter what happens when I am dead, those last moments could be my own personal heaven or hell! Then comes what one can consciously do. Luckily I have felt like I was dying before and I have also been hit by a car Now obviously I didn't die under the car; I didn't even come close to it. But I was pregnant and my leg was being rolled over by how much does a car way again? My one thought in my personal experience was my child. And because of that one thought, I instinctually dragged my body away and that's why the car only got my leg. I also instinctually rolled with the tires which made it hurt much less. I remember yelling but I never cried. And most of my pain was thankfully not comprehendible. Certainly other people would have completely different experiences and I don't know if this is comparable because I didn't feel myself slowly dying here. I've also felt like I was dying but that was either because of a really bad anxiety problem or due to terrible stomach issues I had for most of my life before I cut many things out of my diet. These things may also not be comparable because in both cases, "death" was only in my head. I suppose that between the two experiences, I can partially conclude that I probably would handle the true experience of death a whole lot better than I can handle life . I think that meditation would be my final resort because I could chant one word over and over in my mind while my mind was still capable of doing so and I would attempt to go through the pain and the fear. And I would still think of my daughter and die proud Perhaps reading other people's near-death stories or looking into experiences you have already had will help you to answer your question more thoroughly, as well. Good luck!
  2. Accupuncture

    Well I must say I feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one who thought of doing it to themself! Thank you all so much for the information. I will continue to read more about this.
  3. Children's Schools

    I was interested in people's opinions on picking a good school for children. Meditation, open-mindedness, and love are very important to me. Unfortunately, all of the schools I have looked at in my area are really not concerned with these concepts. Any school ideas for my kids? I plan to move in a few years so if anybody knows any good ones, feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  4. Is it hard to ignore the suffering?

    I think that it depends. I used to suffer w/o being focused enough to stop it. Now, I am focused but I have a child and kind of feel the need to morn how some things are in this world or at least around here. I used to be able to stop anxiety by saying "everything will be okay because..." but now I feel if someone hurt my daughter, everything wouldn't be okay. Nothing would make that okay. Perhaps the only way for me personally to find peace again is to accept that everything isn't okay and move on despite that. Like perhaps I might have to decide to be okay even though the situation I'm in is not.
  5. Accupuncture

    I have become very interested in accupuncture and I would like to learn more. I have watched videos on youtube about where needles go and about the basic idea of rebalancing the body. Can anybody tell me why it works? I'd also like to know about what areas effect what other areas. I for one would need it for stress, anxiety, and stomach aches. I noticed you can purchase the needles online. Does anybody ever do it on themselves?
  6. Amazing and wonderful diverse cultures of Earth

    That was very informative. I love the story about the Inuit that started with nothing but feces and ended up with a sled! Amazing!
  7. what makes a home?

    i just had a daughter and want to know what everyone thinks is important in picking a good home. i think i am overprotective of my family. i want the best for my them...not monetarily, but as far as their emotional and physical safety is concerned. it's difficult to get everything you want in where you live where i'm from; still, i thought you guys might have some ideas of how to find what's really important.
  8. Who would You Like to hear give a talk or do a workshop?

    einstein...not as a scientist or a mathematician, but as a philosopher
  9. My life is over

    it sounds like you are already in your own hell. but just like you said you got yourself there, you are the one who can change things and get yourself out. i had a really bad childhood & was in a deep depression for a long time, but it is possible to get out of it. a lot of the time, i tried to write my way out of it...and that helped a lot. every time i learned something big enough and wrote it down, some of the pain went away. the final piece, though, was learning to control my mind all together. i had to learn that not even thinking my way out of stuff worked as well as stopping my thinking and just being at peace to begin with. our brains have a million parts and a million chemicals dancing around the million parts and it's no wonder we feel terrible when we let it dictate how we feel. i sincerely hope you keep talking to us and that things for you go nowhere but up, ~The Buddha & The Beast~
  10. how do you do it?

    for those of us who still struggle to see that everything is one: are there any techniques, thoughts, tools that help you get back to your "calm"?
  11. breathing earth

    wow it's really scary watching the population go up like that!
  12. I've learned something today...

    that i can have an ah ha! moment any time i choose to...i don't have to wait for something to happen. if i ever really stop my head and acknowledge that i am one with everything, then the one thing my head is trying to agonize over at the moment suddenly looks so small.
  13. drunken fighting style

    yah i just really liked the concept because being not a very large or strong person, i feel that trickery would be an advantage i could attain. i know it started in his movies but some people have really picked up learning techniques for it, as we see in the clips other people added above^
  14. drunken fighting style

    i thought somebody who goes on this site would know more about the idea of drunken boxing. i really like this concept of fighting. the person appears to be injured or falling down or unable to go on & then...BAM! i live in louisiana & all i see around here are regular karate classes. does anybody know how i could learn more about this or similar styles of self defense?
  15. the most imp thing when you're a kid

    yah i actually had the opposite problem: my parents wanted me inside all of the time even though i was a really good kid. i was that punished-all-the-time-for-nothing sheltered kid. so i'll remember to find the happy median between pushing them away and being overbearing...& i'll make sure to get what they wished for on christmas =D wow i was absolutely raised with fear, too~& i think it puts an automatic feeling of weakness on a person. i'll remember that =) My parents tried to get me to chose sides a lot. i always swore even if it didn't work out between my boyfriend & me, i would never try to take the child's dad away from them or harm their relationship in n-e way what's a Bjorn papoose~i've never heard of one before i love that you said "make kind suggestions." i think it only works to a point but in my parents' generation, they were supposed to act all-knowing and not treat the kids like a whole person...i definitely want to talk to my kid civily and then reallly listen to what they say back. aw =D absolutely~my values are pretty vague to begin with & i don't think it's good to ever force a child to be into specific things. i'll let them find what they enjoy & then show them support with it. this will also be great advice for me once i've become a teacher~you're right~i think all of us should keep an eye out for the signs of abuse of children! yah~i'm already worrying about doing everything right too much~i'll have to get my hands on that book that's awsome that u got such wonderful lessons from your family. i honestly don't always see such great families~the ones that are give me hope. thanks! i'll try to always learn about the situation =) i wish my family would have been like that! i reallly want to make mine so full of happiness. i bet most people don't respond to every response lol. but it's really given me a lot of clarity and peace to read what everyone said & reply. i want to keep all these things in mind. THANK YOU.