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  1. Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha

    The main point with truthfullness as with the other precepts is to cultivate some sort of peace with the world. You let the world rest and slowly the world starts letting you rest in return, and your mind can stop thinking 'Why didn't I tell him ....? Next time!'. And morals do not only balance your mind, they're also essential for good physical health. Violent persons will always have a tensed body as they percieve so much violence and hostility around them. So without living well, you can't relax. At least I can't. And it feels good on its own, this training in morality, at least that's my experience. I can't really meditate yet, and to be honest, I'm trying to find a teacher, but I'd also love to have someone teaching me about morals, life and especially the right attitude again like when I got my first "training" far away in India in Yoga. When hurting others, we are not aware in this moment and we solidify the illusion of being a seperate being which we try to shatter with our practice, so it is quite obviously counterproductive when we practice at home and fight egoistic wars when out of the house. But true, it's difficult to change habits. But at least lying and hurting is just that: a habit, not your character. Best is changing your attitudes, then the habits follow.
  2. Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha

    I got my hands on this book while I was doing a "traditional" yoga teachers training. You can imagine how it hit me, from the teachers I heard how many lives of dedicated practices and austerities you'd need (ok, some teachers were also having fun a lot) and all their legendary enlightened, perfected masters. And Ingram made enlightenment something believable. Can only recommend it. Anyone has read something that is similarly genuine? Maybe from another tradition? It has been my favourite one since then, and I can say it's this one that started me on meditaiton practice.
  3. Hello you

    Hi everyone! I'm Julius, living in Germany, and like you trying to figure out what's happening. I started with the first practices of Raja Yoga around a year ago while spending my gap year in India. After this I got introduced to theravadan Insight Meditation and now I still haven't figured out on which front to work first. I came here primarily for listening Julius