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  1. I think your very close if not right on. I would assume my Kidney energy is average to low. LIV 3 was/is tender worked it and a few other major points sp6, liv4, foot massage st36 etc... feel better at this point. Using a self ab massage as well. I appreciate everyone's input and will keep you posted. Zhongyongdaoist, Last piece of info, I've been able to crack my back like most people crack their knuckles for several years now to relief stress, tension etc. Is this a Yin deficency? Thanks for taking the time and effort for your post.
  2. 2-3 weeks - just enough to make mistakees it looks like is acupressure something that will relieve symptoms - how do earth the energy? thanks all
  3. Can anybody assist a newbie, need some help thanks Yeling
  4. New to Tao, and have become full with chi energy when i tried to sleep couldn't , heat coming up and keeping me awake. tingling in testicles, abdomin area feels full too, need assistance. very sensitive person, have only really done six healing sounds a little inner smile and "minor" tantien focus. Any help would be appreciated. and yes I went it alone , withoutt instructor, with only books and "free" videos Yeling
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    Yeling, I am new toTaobums