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  1. hello

    Cloud Recluse, I understand. Mine is German Shepherd, 4 yrs. old. Before her, my German Shepherd friend, companion, teacher for 15 years before she merged with the Tao. I'm sorry you can't have that warm companionship now. green dog
  2. hello

    And your first is???
  3. hello

    Thanks for your welcomes. Green dog was a designation given me in a Chinese astrology reading (my only incursion into the realm of Chinese astrology), I have no idea why but I accept it, it seems a friendly and not ostentatious title. My own dog is my Teacher, eats when hungry, sleeps when tired, is always interested in everything, completely present at all times, responsive and loving, strong and intelligent, dignified, playful when the opportunity comes along, fierce when necessary, delights in everything, knows how to be perfectly still. I have a long way to go to such mastery of Life...maybe that's why the green dog designation; still green.
  4. hello

    Hello, I'm green dog. I've been reading here for some time and appreciate the intelligent insights and reasonable consideration given to all posts. I've been following Tao for a long time and in my later years am more inclined to quiet than thought, but find new aspects to discover all the time, so am looking forward to listening mostly, contributing if I have something to contribute.