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  1. What do you know?

    Nothing. But, I have my suspicions
  2. Quantum Meta-Physics

    You are absolutely correct. It is all in the head. All of it. We create metaphors to cling to fleeting momentary impressions on our nervous system. I believe the lingering mental impressions left by book aren't any different than the ones left by trying to recreate the experience from having been there. I've read books of the Tibeten monastaries that have left more vivid post-experience impressions than the actual physical trip I made to Cozomel. Once the instance of any given experience has passed the only thing left is the intangible mental impressions. On some levels one nano-second ago is no 'closer' than a millenia ago. If you know what I mean.
  3. Quantum Meta-Physics

    To me some of the most fascinating concepts are in quantum physics. Bell's Theorem of non-locality. Which basically reduces to: Any two particles once in contact continue to remain correlated with mathmatical precision regardless of how far apart in space they travel from each other. My favorite explanation of this phenomenon is the Hardware-Software metaphor. The hardware is local the software is non-local. It's what Jung referred to as the Collective Unconscience. The Big Mind rather than the Little Mind. Our brains are the local, the hardware. The software is non-local, it's everywhere at once. Douglas Adams said "everything is interconnected, just some things are more interconnected than others." Om.
  4. Society Evolving

    Very interesting. There is a theory of "information doubling" and the rapid progression throughout history. As far as I know it was a french statistician who's name I don't remember who first put the theory on paper. However I prefer the way it was presented by Robert Anton Wilson who calls it the Jumping Jesus Phenomenon. In his system you take all of the knowledge that had accumalated until 1 B.C. and use that as your fundamental unit. 1 Jesus. Wilson poses the question how long did it take this to double. According to Wilson it took it about 1200 years to double, bringing us to 2 Jesus. The next doubling took about 500 years. Then 200 years, 100 years, 50 years, 20, 10, the estimate in 1988 was information was doubling every couple of years. He also brought in the factor of the east to west shift of the center civilazation and commerce from Babalon to Japan to New York. As well as North, South conflicts and pendelum swings of conservativism and liberalism. And he points out that each conservative backswing is less conservative than the one before. Now it seems with the world wide web, free flow of information and commerce many of the Marxist precepts are fading into the background and a new dynamic is emerging that doesn't fit the current model for society. And obviously the fundamentalist have noticed a change in the air because they are clinging to their biggoted, narrow view tighter than ever.
  5. hemp seed oil!

    BE WARNED: Due to the fact the drug testing companies make most of their money busting people for pot drug test are designed to test for over 20 marijuana metabolites several of those are in hemp oil. Fuk Big Brother
  6. Buddhist-Human-Omnivore

    I would hardly see it as a moral weakness. We are mammals just because the feces slinging is more figurative than literal, it doesn't mean we are entirely evolved. To me acceptance of this is a spiritual transformation, awakening, satori, mental trick for removing ego from the equation or whatever prefunctory label you wish to attach. Nonetheless this is my model of the universe, everyone has a differrent model and they organize the world according to enviroment, genetic imprints and subsequent conditioning. Enough of that I digress. My views on the matter are based on the principle that all life is connected. Buddha said existence and non existence are the same. Another qoute I love is from a Zen Master: the heaven, the earth and I are of the same root the ten-thousand things and I are of one substance For the most part my views and philosophies are in a constant state of flux. Due to the fact I am far from the certitude afforded by enlightenment I must constantly try to evolve my understanding or stagnate and die. At least those seem to be the to choices or is it simply in western society we cling despretly to dualitys. Either/ Or Aristotalian logic structure. Well look at that I rattled off half cocked for long enough and I gave myself something to think about. I guess it lends credence to the theory of a thousand monkeys banging on a typewriter long enough thing, huh.
  7. Buddhist-Human-Omnivore

    I identify myself as a Buddhist. No particular denomination. I didn't so much "convert" to Buddhism, but a few years ago I discovered that my "unique" point of view was shared by countless others around the world for centuries. Then I found direction and focus. But enough of that on to the point. The only thing I cannot accept is being an herbivore. I tried it, but one day I was eating a salad and contemplating the interconnectedness of ALL life. I had, what I consider to be, an awakening. With blantant profundity it became crystal clear. That I am equally connected to a single grain of rice as to every fish in the ocean. The destuction of life for my existence is a given for this stage of homo-sapian development. We are, by evolution or intelligent design, omnivores. I've come to the point I believe that veganism is a feel good move for the conscious mind so we can feel as though we've outgrown conditioned existence. But, for me at least, this clinging to idealism for the sake of ego became a struggle. Of course true to Buddhism, this obstacle was also a profound learning experience. But then again, what do I know I'm just a phone tech from Texas. Any thoughts on the matter please let me know. Even if it's just to say you think I'm full of shit.
  8. experiences with being psychic?

    my thought ont he matter is this, first of all I think we must dramatically redefine what is commmonly called Extra-Sensory Perception. We are bombarded by billions of signals from the enviroment every second. We are unable to process it all. Generally humans confuse their perceptual tunnel wth reality. Also the same is to be said of our current concepts of Space/ Time. Our brain organizes these signals, arranges them in such a way our conscious mind can deal with. Our sub-conscious mind organizes things differently, this is obvious everytime we dream. So if a times an indiviual who has done purposeful reimprinting of their perceptive instruments and an 'awakening' of the entire nervous system as a receptive instrument. It shouldn't be considered outside the realm of possibility that such an individual percieves things beyond the grasp of the majority of the population who don't have a clue that there is an entire world beyond their narrow view. But, then again what do I know I'm just a phone tech from Texas.
  9. moment of clarity

    I was contemplating the way our senses more often distort perception, than clarify. this began spinning off mutiple tangents including socio-economic imbalances, all forms of intolerance and bigotry.(I find no need to regurgitate for several paragraphs I'm quite confident that those reading this are capable of their own trains of thought. but back to the point.)All of this built to a point that the interconnections where almost overwhelming. Then the thoughts came to a sudden silence the concept distilled into three words. FORM CASTS SHADOWS. Anyway thanks for indulging my ramblings for a few minutes.
  10. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    as the shadow follows the body, as we think so we become. -Buddha The heavens, the earth and I are of the same root. The ten thousand things and I are of the same substance. -Zen Master Sojo The secret of power is this: you know how dumb the average guy is. Mathmatically, by definition, half of them are even dumber than that. -Robert Anton Wilson
  11. Tao

    You're very welcome, but alas, I can hardly take credit for quasi-plageristic ramblings. Nonetheless your comment is truely appreciated.
  12. Tao

    one translation I heard for the tao is, in chinese ideograms tao is the symbol for intelligence together with the sign for movement; hence, an intelligent movement. Futhermore, the symbol for intelligence is the symbol for the sun and symbol for the moon together {possibly corresponding to the left and the right sides of the brain}(also in english we interchange intelligence with the word 'bright') .Also, part of the tao can be translated as, Tao models Man. Man models earth. Earth models universe. Universe models tao. Or perrhaps this is mistaken as well as all of my subsequent suppositions concerning the tao. Regardless it seems at least intresting to ponder.