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  1. My progress in taoism

    Hi Everyone, I've been practising taoism with a while now and can avoid orgasm by moving energy in the microcosmic orbit and contracting the PC muscle without much hassle. However I still seem to always get a refractory period after avoiding the point of no return. Does this stop happening as one gets better at it or am I just not moving enough energy or not moving it at the proper time? Also I seem to always get blurry vision when I move up the energy and sometimes I even feel dizzy from it. Does anyone know why this is or will it stop happening with practice. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated Thanks very much
  2. Hello

    Hi, I'm just begining learning about taoism and have read a couple of mantak chai's books. I hope to find some answers on this site. Thanks very much and congratulations on a great site!