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    Greetings, Tao Bums! I have studied Yang taiqi at the Golden Lion School in Berkeley, California, Northern long-fist through the Berkeley Kung Fu team, and Luohan qigong at Embrace the Moon in Seattle, Washington. I have also practiced the Kundalini yoga of Yogi Bhajan, nonconceptual meditation (peaceful abiding and awareness) in the Tibetan tradition, and the Middle Pillar Exercise in the Golden Dawn tradition. Presently I feel drawn to snake-style kung fu. I am fascinated by the connection between snakes and healers in different cultures throughout history (my ancestors were shamans in Ireland and Wales). I have kept three snakes as pets (two corn-snakes and a ball python); even though they are deceased, I can still feel their energies flowing through my body. Those energies seem to re-emerge whenever I feel threatened. The possibility that the spirits of these snakes continue to live somehow in my energy field strikes me as both bizarre and inspiring. I have come to the conclusion that my energies are too yang, and I'm hoping that by exploring snake-style kung fu I may cultivate more ying energy and thereby re-attune myself to my environment. The sinuous, unpredictable movements and low-to-the-ground stances feel *incredible* when I play with them at home. I currently live in Spokane, Washington, but plan to move to Portland, Oregon, within a few months. If there are any snake-people out there in Internet-land, please flick your tongues this way! I would *love* to find a practice partner or teacher... and patience, unfortunately, is not one of my greatest virtues ;-) Brosnaich! -Asher-