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  1. How do you prepare your tea?

    I drink about 4 cups daily of Tian Mu Qing Ding (organic green tea) from IMO, they have some of the best quality tea. Since I drink my tea at work I do not not have access to a stove to boil my water, so I use hot water from the coffee machine along with this cup:
  2. Was Jesus A Taoist?

    I too was raised catholic and studied Catholicism in a private school for 12 years. My experiences are very similar if not identical to yours. I agree with you 100%.
  3. Could be, I am not sure. I live in a part of Georgia where collecting water from roof gutters is very much encouraged by the city, in fact they have a program where they teach you how to build a collection system yourself for less cost. Believe me I am against what is proposed in those bills, and as a daily consumer of locally grown fruits and veggies, I am very concerned for the small farmer.
  4. This video mentions the same thing discussed in the snopes link I posted, HR 875 and Monsanto. IMO, I highly doubt the government would have the resources to go around and police people who grow their own produce in their backyards. The threat to small farmers however seem to be real, which IS disturbing... On a side note, I have to admit the woman in that video is quite mesmerizing
  5. According to snopes, the rumor is mostly false.
  6. buddhist forums

    Here is an interesting take on Weston Price:
  7. buddhist forums

    I agree..almond milk is especially good!
  8. michael talbot

    I am about a quarter of the way through 'The Holographic Universe' at this very moment. So far, I think it is a great book.
  9. What do tao bums do for a living?

    My 3d work does not usually involve character/human modeling.
  10. What do tao bums do for a living?

    I am a multimedia developer and 3d artist
  11. Meat Eaters vs. Veggies

    Shouldn't "herbivore" be replaced with something like Lacto-Ovo in your poll?? To me, vegan and herbivore seem to refer to the same thing-- veggie without any dairy, egg or meat...
  12. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    I start Bagua this week, looking forward to it... As far as Capoeira, my son has been training for 2 years now (he just turned 7). While it's not my place to argue how practical/impractical it is as a form of self-defense, I can say that it is a wonderful form I wish I had studied when I was his age. It has artistic, symbolic, and positive qualities. The flexibility and endurance that is attained is incredible really. Also, he is learning with a diverse group of students, which is a great thing. I relocated to the south some years back and I have a problem with the strip mall karate mentality in this region(especially for young kids), and Capoeira is a great alternative.
  13. Struggling over vasectomy... need advice.

    IMO, you don't mess with the body like that. I prefer to leave my physical body the way it was intended to be. To each his own though. There are alternatives that work, such as Fertility Awareness. My wife measures her basal body temperature every morning and has a software program she uses to enter values. It is quite accurate. There is a book called "Taking charge of your fertility". You can buy the book and software here: Peace, Vic
  14. Thoughts on Homosexuality

    What you describe here sounds like gender identity disorder
  15. Distance Healers ?

    When you call to schedule a phone session, you can ask specifically for it to be with Master Lin. You usually have to wait a week or two since he books up fast. I believe Master Lin is in Tibet at the moment.