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  1. So I met this Republican from Texas the other day...

    Uau, my friends tell me that Americans are surprisingly...humm how should I put it...lets use...reduced in their point of views....I choose not to believe them as I dont think it can be true. But this conversation worries me. I am European and leave in china for more then half of my life, I always criticized Europeans for criticizing Americans... I dont kow much about American politics but the truth is that Obama speachs make a lot of sense to me and trust me Id dint vote in him cause I am from another country.... The fact is that Humans are making everything possible to destroy the planet and here comes a man thats says it must stop, I dont care if he was gay or likes to eat Ice Cream with cheese he is right.....All I really care is if he is going to be able to do what he promises...Oh and what if he was Muslim or gay so what as long as he is a good man and properly qualified to handle the tasks at hand...One thing is sure Bush wasnt and he killed thousands of people on the belief that ....he is the one within reason. Well thats the thing, once you leaved in China for a while you understand reason is relative... So for the bold gentleman, you should have voted in Obama not because he is Christian or because he is Texan:0) but because he plans to do the right thing...oh and as for the Texan fellow,. I bet he never left the states...what a fellow....Around here we have a few Americans that come to Asia and think like that you know what happens...China owns your country foreign debt eheheh who is smart now.Watch out for the little yellow man... And guys, take it easy may peace be within you....Love is all you need. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI
  2. Looking for directions

    Hi Stigweard, I dont know what to say CHE CHE????? I am mostly a coffe drinker but I do enjoy my tea sometimes, it all depends on the company ... Where you from? Hi Mal, Thank you for your coment. shall then try another section... By the way in Portuguese your name means evil...did you know that? Doesnt mean much do just a small linguistic note> See you around. W
  3. Looking for directions

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a master! As this may seem strange for most of you I dont want to start my road of Taoism on myself. However i have learned that there are a lot of fakes out there. Also i have learned that most schools are today in the US. I wonder if someone as experience in Taoist schools in China. I leave in Macau so China is a one step away for me. Someone mentioned the city of Lijiang, any one can direct me to some honest master. I dont want to learn any tricks, just really want to study Chi Kong and improve my self. I hope I came to the right Forum. All the best and happy new year. Best W