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  1. hi!

    LOL. Yea, no one messes with my pizza!!!!!! ) Thanks for the kindness and greetings....! BTW, pizza goes with anything, even tea. Since I'm a southerner, especially sweet tea.
  2. lost and confused in the land of RMAX

    Ugh. The axiom of business that a satisfied customer will tell one person of a good experience, and a dissatisified customer will tell 10 of the bad experience has come home to roost. While I wish what Mr. Becker has referred to did not happen, it did. This was a while ago, though. That manual he refers to is now an e-manual. I like this forum a lot and lurk it and have grappled with doing this for a while, but it's a new year. So for anyone who wants that manual for free, email me at [email protected] your username (you have to have posted here atleast once) and I'll email it for free to you with the password. I'll do this til January 10th, 2009. I'm not here for some flame war....while I didn't make Mr. Becker happy, I hope this makes a deposit in the universal bank of karma on my behalf in making things right. Matt
  3. hi!

    I've lurked this forum for a long time and really enjoyed it. I registered to add something to a few threads I read over the holidays that I found interesting. I'm Matt Powell - not to bore you to tears - I started in the Russian Martial Art community studying ROSS, then moved to Kadochnikov system (among others), and then moved on with a number of students to develop our own system in the US that we call Pramek. I live in Atlanta, have two dogs, a wonderful house and girlfriend, and I like pizza a lot.