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  1. Books or guides on stretching?

    I have great success with this guy's book. https://www.thegeniusofflexibility.com/
  2. Three Gunas in Taoism?

    Is there an equivalent term for the Three Gunas from Yoga and Ayurveda in Taoist medicine and Nei Gong or Qi Gong?
  3. I really like Steiner. It is more a question of how to digest his info in a healthy manner and not turn it simply into another belief system unless you're content with being a believer. Also look deeply into the history of his movement and what happened after he died. Again I really respect his work, but those closest to him may not served his cause very well. I plan on reading selected of his written works quite a few times more than once, and work with it. I will be happy with that.
  4. Bliss Energetics level 2

    If i ever wrote a relationship sought ad anywhere it might look like this, "Conscious male androgyne seeks conscious female androgyne for foursome(My male and inner female with your Female and inner male) and fractal, exponential enhancement of internal bliss and love, offered as incense on the alter of love and gratitude in the temple of Source."
  5. Bliss Energetics level 2

    Maybe a little off topic but certainly related. I have come to bliss energetics because of similarities with inner work I have already started. Bruce's take on level two has me reflecting on something I have come up with reflecting on Jungian ideas as they bounced around my tiny brain, combined with energetic work. As I wander and wonder around in the world I notice, amazing isn't it, that certain others of the opposite gender have my attention, and then interest then real attraction sometimes temporary obsession and my energy gets stirred up. What's left of those reflections from Jung and energetics says in me, I can't speak for Jungian thought, says that I am projecting something from deep inside of myself that gives the other that glow that I am attracted to. That glow is referred to by Jung as the "Numinous". That the other person represents to me in that moment a perfect complement to my conscious gender and energetic identity in an unconscious projection. After all I don't know anything of the other person at all. So the other's beauty is given to her by nature, a reflection of her personality in her movement and gesture, and I'm attracted to them by my personal standards of beauty all infused by the projection. We project outwards because we don't recognize, aren't supported in the idea culturally that we have both genders inside of us. By genders I mean complementary opposites sexually, however they may be configured in us as preferences by the way. And I believe there are limitless possibilities in how such preferences can be configured in humans. So in the interests of energetics I do an exercise in such situations. I reclaim that numinosity, that glow that I have given the other. I imagine that I have some kind of intimate connection to them, not trying to influence the individual at all, but to try to know myself, by becoming aware of what I am seeking unconsciously in them, what I don't recognize in myself. Then I try to summarize that which I seek in the other person as energy and feeling qualities and imagine them integrating back into myself along with the bliss of energetic intimate union with those qualities that I formally thought were outside of myself. The idea is that when I create an infatuation, unless I really get to know that other person through time, I am really infatuated with an idea permeated with a feeling that I myself have created. That creation is really me. I want to recall and reclaim that glow as a quality of my essential nature where love is complete in myself. If I can realize love in myself already complete, then I can offer love authentically in the world to others. There is a practice that comes out of Tibetan practice offered by Jason Miller in his energetic work of imagining and feeling two people in sexual embrace above your head and the bliss of their embrace dripping down into your own energetic body. Probably an inaccurate description that you'll have to check out yourself to get the details. But I see these as other variations of what Bruce might be talking about in level 2 work.
  6. books for beginner taoist practitioners?

    http://daoistmeditation.com/ This is a great book.
  7. Can you learn Tai Chi from dvds

  8. Suggestions for toddler who keeps falling?

    Toddler's tumbling. Somersaults etc. Purposeful falling you might call it. We have toddler's gyms in our area where they do tumbling and stuff like that in groups.
  9. Zhan Zhuang Practice Videos

    Master Han whose father was one of Wang Xiangzhai most long standing students (sorry pun intended) has also come to the insight that people need more movement and rather than stressing holding postures for long stretches puts emphasis on being able to stand holding the body's "natural state". That if you stand while not being in the natural state it doesn't do much good. The natural state is one of condensing and combing the upper and lower body into the dan tien area while also being aware and expanded from the center to the fingers. It may be that someone can hold that state only for a few minutes so then one moves to the next of the eight postures and hold the state there and so on also trying to hold it in the movement. Having touched hands with Master Han and some of his advanced students I can attest to their very skilled level in expressing jin.
  10. My theory on body energy and spiritual growth

    I don't see where the OP talks about those starting after the age of 50. I read it three times in case my age addled brain is not reading it correctly. I still I don't think it is ever too late to start but it really depends on what kind of life one led up to older ages and the quality of teachings and teachers.
  11. My theory on body energy and spiritual growth

    Having recently turned sixty I can say that I feel healthy and energetic as I did in my thirties. My hip joints are a little more sore but all in all I am happier and like OP suggests have spiritual thoughts more naturally. I notice internal energy as energy free from the obsessions of youth. I feel more complete in myself. I am winding up of raising some kids. I have been meditating since the age of 16 and tai chi and qi gong since 25. In spite of 30 years of construction work I am still feeling good.
  12. Pithy Teaching Titles

    No Way by Ram Tzu From Normal to Healthy by Kuhlewind
  13. Still at it and enjoying it. Great stuff.
  14. Anyone want to discuss sacred geometry?

    <p>Much of my inspiration for the path that I take comes from seeing the beauty of Sacred geometry. I use the word inspiration in the sense that it really gives me energy for practice after the fact. However there is a dimension (excuse the the pun) of mathematics that exhilarates me and now I distinguish it from inspiration in a different way than traditional sacred geometry. It is things like Pascals theorem and the work of Paul Lockhart that really have me excited these days. I find the engagement with the specific topics in this approach are for me very much like meditative absorption. </p> <p><a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal%27s_theorem">https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal%27s_theorem</a></p> <p>Actually the part that I really like is more clearly explained here</p> <p><a href="http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PascalsTheorem.html">http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PascalsTheorem.html</a></p>
  15. Using Tao practises to be more attractive to women

    You have to watch the movie The Tao of Steve!