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  1. Reform Taoist Congregation

    I just came across this post. Yep we're still going. Did you get a response to your membership request?
  2. Stumbling Along the Path

    It can sometimes take a while to get a response. If you get nothing in the next week send me a PM and I'll raise it cheers, W
  3. Stumbling Along the Path

    Yep - still very alive & kicking thanks very much. Last time I checked we've got about 300+ members. The main interaction is through the members forum. Have a look around the www.reformtaoism.org pages and if you'd like to find out more fill in the form on the "Join" page. Hope to see you there cheers, W
  4. Science and Nonduality

    That's an interesting link. Thanks for posting it.
  5. Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

    Thanks for the book recommendation. It looks good, so I've ordered a copy.
  6. Anybody tried Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi? Any opinions about it?
  7. Reconciling life and death

    Can't remember where I read it but I came across something talking about understanding what death is like and getting perspective on it. What it said was that you should think about some year before you were born. How does it feel? Does it scare you? Most people I think would say "No - it's fine!" Well one year after you've died will be exactly the same as that & so shouldn't be scary either.
  8. Reform Taoist Congregation

    I believe that meditation is the most common practice among the RTC
  9. Reform Taoist Congregation

    It's true the progress does sometimes move at a geological pace but I'm a member for the community side of it and the different perspectives of members.
  10. Reform Taoist Congregation

    The RTC are very inclusive so don't worry about it . Most sites have some sort of membership verification system - including the Tao Bums - to avoid being invaded by automated spamming software and the RTC site is no different. The advantage of giving a brief introduction is that if you're seeking something different to what we offer - say something more towards religious Taoism - it can be pointed out that the RTC site is not really what you're after and we might be able to direct you to a more appropriate site. Hope you take the plunge - all the best - W
  11. Reform Taoist Congregation

    I joined the Tao Bums just to answer this post - so I hope my reply's worth the effort! I'm a member of the RTC. We're a growing group of nearly 300 philosophical Taoists who share similar viewpoints. By reading the sections on the website about our beliefs you'll get some idea, though on particular issues there is a wide range of opinion & nothing is set in stone. The best option is to join us to see if we're what you're looking for - if we're not we won't hold it against you
  12. Happy New Year

    I've been lurking for a few years but I've finally got round to joining to answer a post. Like the site and looking forward to taking part. Happy new year to everyone.