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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    A couple of my faves, "My body is a temple and a nightclub too" I think that might have been Baba Ram. "All things in moderation, including moderation itself" This one probably goes back a long way but the last time I came across it The Barefoot Doctor used it. These maybe more relevant today as there will be lots of nightclubbing and immoderate behavior tonight! Pz, WM
  2. Merry crimbo

    Hi MC, I am also a new member of this forum and am also interested in some of the techniques you mention. Not come across KAP before though. My main practice at the minute is Tai chi and I am re reading some of the old classics in the taoism field. I also read The Inner Game of Tennis by Tim Galwey recently. I have been applying his approach in my job and socially, it is a powerful thing once you (I) accept that everyone has everything they need to begin with. Pz, WM
  3. Hi

    Thanks for the welcome, I like my tea to be served with grace and received with gratitude, so thanks again, WM.
  4. Hi

    Hi just signed up as a new member. I have recently taken up tai chi and this has renewed my interest in Taoism. I live in the UK, up in North East England. I am looking forwards to meeting you all, whether we get along or not! I am currently reading some of the classics but also feel that how ever much we read it still takes for ever to get any grasp on the complexities of life. I get most of my insights when out walking or in those everyday moments. There is something about letting go of all the daily clutter that seems to allow for moments of peace and calm, that is also what I get from my tai chi when it goes well. Hope you are all well and getting what you need, pz, WM